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  • the guerrillas

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    Again my inexperience has played me a trick, “said more embarrassed than before .” I think no good for these purposes. I can not continue to commit such glaring errors. Do not know how to apologize. “You need not apologize,” said Ruth crying a “you’re not to blame for everything that is happening. It is also natural that if you never saw in such a situation, do not know how to act.

    At that moment a voice was heard coming from the reception a “They released the room which was held by the guerrillas. There was no hostage inside. Again to all the families who are waiting for news. There was no hostage inside-.a “It seems that is another place where it is! – Ruth said, while the words choked sob in the throat. “Madam,” said the young man trying to encourage him a “have told me that many people who suffer from stress as has been lived in that hotel, they can leave the place without knowing what they are doing and not even knowing clearly who they are and begin to wander aimlessly. I said it is likely to be explained to family members when they did not find the person they were seeking. “I know, I answer Ruth-I am a doctor and work in a hospital in Israel. These things can happen but not very frequent. Maybe you’d better heed and go to the morgue. You encourage you to join me? Not if I could make the journey alone.

  • Andrew Corentt

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    Other they only conform themselves to his requirements. If you modify your thoughts, Corentt, then explains the world follows to you. It is impossible that it does not do it, since maintain you it in your mind. If you wish excellent relations with all, you must think that the people love to you, and to love them. For that reason Jesus said you love the other, friendly as as much enemy. Also he said do not know what does. The people do not know what they do, only act according to one orders to them with their beliefs.

    What you prefer, to believe in the evil and to be victim or to believe in well-being and the happiness and to be the master? Your you only create your world. You create your you relate. You create your world. You must think that all the people are good, you you must believe in kindness. You must hope that all they try to you well. If somebody becomes rich very quickly what you think? How you think that it secured its fortune? The correct form to believe, is to think that person worked intelligently and that work produced its fruits.

    When you think the others that, then that same one happens in its life. If you think that the others became rich of easy and honest form that will also happen with you. If you think that all the people are good, good people you will only be. If you think and you think that your pair loves to you and appreciates to you and are most important for her, thus will be. You are the master of the world. In your relations and your wealth, in your happiness, you take the control. Happy, healthy, millionaire salo to be or millionaire. It sees positive programs, it reads excellent books, I especially recommend I to you I am Happy, I Am Rico, of Andrew Corentt, in you will learn as the relations, the mind and the universe work in truth. Reading that book your relations will improve of incredible form, you will become rich of accelerated form. If you wish success, wealth, happiness, freedom, good joy and all and the desirable one of this world I recommend to you that you read all the books of Corentt. La Paz, the wealth, the success and the wisdom are their effects. It remembers at any moment that the universe is your body. Embellcelo. Hazle a maquillaje, beautiful and healthy and rich a surgery and vulvelo. Your you can everything, your you are the master.

  • Social Service Twitter

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    Data of the Secretariat of Public Security indicate that, of January of 1998 the September of 2009, police civilians and military had killed 10,216 people, average of 2,4 died per day, complement the same one substance. Sad ‘ ‘ x-ray of barbrie’ ‘ as Incio sociologist classified well Pipe. Still in accordance with the researcher, this is ‘ ‘ a superior number to the one of many guerras’ ‘. Another data disclosed in the substance for Incio sociologist Pipe were of that ‘ ‘ in the Cabral management, between April and May of 2008, the number of deaths practised for policemen arrived the 147 for month. In 2009, the average of deaths fell in relation to the beginning of the government of the peemedebista (2,9 per day in this year against 3,6 in 2007). Correspendente in the River of the Agency Brazil Vitor Abdala, () published article in 06/11/2009, with the heading ‘ ‘ Numbers of deaths in confrontation with the policy surpass homicides in three regions of the Rio’ ‘ where expe of clear form the situation. In this article, the social scientist and former-colonel of the p.m. Jorge Da Silva, affirm that resistance the high file of legal documents number is resulted of the maintenance of the confrontation politics: ‘ ‘ It is a film that all already we saw.

    Outlaws, policemen, presumptions die outlaws, children and ladies. still has who finds that the way is esse.’ ‘ The former-colonel standes out despite ‘ ‘ they are all victims of mistakes politicians. The policy does not have the capacity to remove causes and factors In the maximum, in the circumstances, it dries gelo’ ‘. As many deaths and so great police violence, validated in a supposed war, had made with that the eyes of the country if came back toward this question that is not specific of Rio De Janeiro, but that it meets aggravated sufficiently in our state. In the intitled substance ‘ ‘ Federal government goes to monitor policy of the Rio’ ‘ published in the Prohibited site, of 05 of April of 2010 (), the Minister of Justice Barreto Luiz, recognizes the problematic one: ‘ ‘ They are scenes of execution that exist, not only in the River, but also in other Brazilian capitals. 21’ is not condizente with the century; ‘ , the minister laments. It signals what me that has new winds in the security politics is that it had sufficiently interesting changes in the chairs of State secretary of Social Assistance and Right Human beings of the River, make possible who me to glimpse that new features can present in the conduction of this public politics in the State of Rio De Janeiro. They are an apparent demonstration of redirecionamento in the line of action of the State, combining public security with social politics in the second stage of the Program of the UPPs. Such acts of the one of to this make me Government to believe that it has an important yaw for an effective commitment with the respect to the Human Rights in its politics of Security. How these new winds in them bring hopes! It remains in to support and to fulfill them to our duty/constitucional law of the social control, fiscalizing, monitoring and charging the execution of one politics security citizen.

  • Casanaranja Estate Magazine

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    Casanaranja estate magazine The Business Association has awarded the Vega Baja Francisco Javier Egea, Managing Director of Virtual Company with the young entrepreneur award for his work in the field of computer graphics and advertising. Its more than 6,000 projects support the large commercial work carried out by the hand of this young man. Drawing on the experience of these projects has created thousands of real estate magazine, Casanaranja. La Vega is moved to Orihuela, where he has an office to meet the maker of this product and the product itself. Casanaranja born with a new way of marketing real estate. The novelty lies in what we said Francisco Javier Egea, “when you make the purchase of a home, all the agencies receive a sales commission for the management of that sale.” He continued, “We’ve been around for the buyer to benefit from this committee, still offering the same services as any real estate.When reading an issue of the journal Casanaranja can see the percentages for the estate, there are cases amounting to 40,000 . This amount of money that the magazine is available to the homebuyer through gift vouchers. These gift vouchers are redeemable in all stores and businesses that are advertised in the magazine. Thus, through the publicity of its advertisers, is as relevant Casanaranja wage earner to keep growing and become consolidated as a solid company with a future. One difference between this system and the traditional real estate is through the magazine can access hundreds of promotions while a classic real estate has only exposed a few. Once the project materialized commented to Francisco Javier Egea that the U.S. was working on something similar and said “I would have liked to hear before starting this project the way they work. That would have saved me many headaches.After three ions of its magazine and after enduring much criticism and lack of trust by users, is a fact that in 3 months were carried out 16 sales, 20 claims a day by email and telephone, some 400 applications are processed per month, an average of 144,000 people read the magazine (3.6 people per copy) according to statistics of General Media Study (EGM) and more than 10,000 people a month looking for on your Web Alicane flats or apartments in Murcia. These are the reasons why Casanaranja, in particular, Francisco Javier Egea Ruiz, received the award as a young entrepreneur and take 10 years to head the Virtual Company, a landmark in the world of virtual reality and advertising high standing.

  • Tips Of Trip – San Diego

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    San Diego is to the south of the state of California very next the border to Tijuana in Mexico. The temperature does not present great variations, being the annual average of 21C. The thermal sensation always cool must to the winds of the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is a fantastic city with more than 100 kilometros of beaches, arranha skies, museums and parks. Many famous films had been filmed in this city, between them they are Babel and Top Gun.

    I adore to walk in the side of the sea and to observe the Californian style of life. A style without glamour but with much good life. One of the things that impress more me are the rules anti tobaccoism and anti alcohol. It is forbidden to drink in the streets or beaches. You can until taking a snack for the beach but the beer and the wine are forbidden. (According to municipal law, is forbidden to smoke and to ingest alcoholic beverage in the parks and beaches of San Diego). The fine can arrive US$ 1,000, 00. For the smokers the acknowledgment is to be the one hundred meters of distance of any building, beach or public park.

    Between the main ones attractions of San Diego are the Zoo, Sea World and the Legolandia. The Zoo de San Diego is one of the Zoos greaters of the world. It is very pretty. Its main attraction is the bears very rare pandas in the world all. — Who does not like to travel is not really? In my Blog I intend to share based tips of trip in my experiences of the past, gift and future.

  • So Paulo

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    Critical claims, suggestions or the representatives of the Executive (municipal or enterprise). After that, they will be invited to make the analysis of the job of the adjusted language, in accordance with the interlocutor. To remember that the use of an informal language, with slangs and abbreviations, is only recommendable will have privacy between the correspondents. The pupil will have to read and to reread its text, modifying what to judge convenient.

    To confer the language; to observe if used the vocativo correctly, if it developed the subject well chosen, if it was said farewell, and if it signed as the done orientaes previously. Soon, finished this stage, the email could be sent to the interlocutor, in case that it wants to keep correspondence with it. EVALUATION: It will be evaluated the participation, assiduity and the individual performance, as well as, domain of the writing, adequacy to vocabular correct use of the discursiva modality and the coherent literal sequncia. NECESSARY RESOURCES: Diverse e-mails and contacts, books, magazines, letters, tickets, dictionaries, computers with access the Internet, etc. REFERENCES SARMENTO, Leila Lauar.

    Writing workshop. So Paulo: Modern, 3 ed. 2006. Project: The email? Project of Research.. Access in: 22/09/2010. RAHA, Claude Belmonte. RASP, Aline Braga of. Of the letter to the email: writing and knowing itself and to the other. Access in 22/09/2010.

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