• Tips Of Trip – San Diego

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    San Diego is to the south of the state of California very next the border to Tijuana in Mexico. The temperature does not present great variations, being the annual average of 21C. The thermal sensation always cool must to the winds of the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is a fantastic city with more than 100 kilometros of beaches, arranha skies, museums and parks. Many famous films had been filmed in this city, between them they are Babel and Top Gun.

    I adore to walk in the side of the sea and to observe the Californian style of life. A style without glamour but with much good life. One of the things that impress more me are the rules anti tobaccoism and anti alcohol. It is forbidden to drink in the streets or beaches. You can until taking a snack for the beach but the beer and the wine are forbidden. (According to municipal law, is forbidden to smoke and to ingest alcoholic beverage in the parks and beaches of San Diego). The fine can arrive US$ 1,000, 00. For the smokers the acknowledgment is to be the one hundred meters of distance of any building, beach or public park.

    Between the main ones attractions of San Diego are the Zoo, Sea World and the Legolandia. The Zoo de San Diego is one of the Zoos greaters of the world. It is very pretty. Its main attraction is the bears very rare pandas in the world all. — Who does not like to travel is not really? In my Blog I intend to share based tips of trip in my experiences of the past, gift and future.