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    Casanaranja estate magazine The Business Association has awarded the Vega Baja Francisco Javier Egea, Managing Director of Virtual Company with the young entrepreneur award for his work in the field of computer graphics and advertising. Its more than 6,000 projects support the large commercial work carried out by the hand of this young man. Drawing on the experience of these projects has created thousands of real estate magazine, Casanaranja. La Vega is moved to Orihuela, where he has an office to meet the maker of this product and the product itself. Casanaranja born with a new way of marketing real estate. The novelty lies in what we said Francisco Javier Egea, “when you make the purchase of a home, all the agencies receive a sales commission for the management of that sale.” He continued, “We’ve been around for the buyer to benefit from this committee, still offering the same services as any real estate.When reading an issue of the journal Casanaranja can see the percentages for the estate, there are cases amounting to 40,000 . This amount of money that the magazine is available to the homebuyer through gift vouchers. These gift vouchers are redeemable in all stores and businesses that are advertised in the magazine. Thus, through the publicity of its advertisers, is as relevant Casanaranja wage earner to keep growing and become consolidated as a solid company with a future. One difference between this system and the traditional real estate is through the magazine can access hundreds of promotions while a classic real estate has only exposed a few. Once the project materialized commented to Francisco Javier Egea that the U.S. was working on something similar and said “I would have liked to hear before starting this project the way they work. That would have saved me many headaches.After three ions of its magazine and after enduring much criticism and lack of trust by users, is a fact that in 3 months were carried out 16 sales, 20 claims a day by email and telephone, some 400 applications are processed per month, an average of 144,000 people read the magazine (3.6 people per copy) according to statistics of General Media Study (EGM) and more than 10,000 people a month looking for on your Web Alicane flats or apartments in Murcia. These are the reasons why Casanaranja, in particular, Francisco Javier Egea Ruiz, received the award as a young entrepreneur and take 10 years to head the Virtual Company, a landmark in the world of virtual reality and advertising high standing.