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    Such boarding tends to integrate characteristics of the economic, physicist-space and communitarian traditions. Coast (2002) affirms that the tourist and ambient planning requires the use of diverse instruments of handling, as establishment of zones and creation of action plans and the constant evaluation of the ocorrentes activities in each area. In the natural areas proteges, it is necessary to plan and to calculate the load capacity of the tourist places. In the case of the Area of Ambient Protection, to carry through zonings (that is, to fix the form of use of the ground), as well as adopting politics for protection of the environment allied to the development of the tourism. The tourism will only guarantee the protection of the natural resources if planned in conscientious and sustainable way for the governmental bodies. The elaboration of responsible public politics is important to reach proportionate the economic and social development for the tourism beyond the preservation of the natural environment.

    2,3 Politics of Preservation and Conservation in the city of So Paulo the legislation that makes use on preservation and the conservation of the environment in the city of So Paulo, as well as the public politics is relatively recent. The first municipal law date of 1981, and says respect on the parcelamento of the ground of the city of So Paulo, that is, they are lines of direction for the legal use of the ground of the city. Since the decade of eighty until the current days, enough decrees or laws for the protection of the environment had not been created. Currently the responsible agencies if strengthen in the attempt to recoup the little that remains of natural vegetation 10 and search new alternatives of development to contribute for the reduction of the ambient degradation and pollution of the environment. The APA Capivari-Monos, according to proper city hall, was about a total unknown area of the city, exactly occupying one sixth of the territory of the city.