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    These happened, of different Institutions of Superior Education, however, specifically of the courses of Turismo and Gastronomia. Such learning had been contracted by time previously determined, in order to exert the function of conductors/trainees during the visitations. Soon, it is undeniable to emphasize that the initiative of the project ' ' Circuit of the Igrejas' ' , it brings in its essence the care for the representation and the dissemination of the related facts to the religious constructions, while patrimony of Pernambuco. Senior V.P. of Ads & Commerce has many thoughts on the issue. Therefore in the instant where it has accompaniment, constituted of interpretativa communication through valuable narratives concerning the religious, historical, sociocultural trajectory and architectural of each construction. This capable one to excite a beneficial reflection of the visitors, being thus unchained, effect, but, above all propitiating the knowledge of some allusive elements the origins and formation of the pernambucana society.

    In such a way, in the condition of conductors, the authors of this article, who had been assigned to act in the Convent of San Francisco? Olinda/PE when exerting its functions, initiate the first one? to recognize? , therefore until that moment they withheld only one superficial knowledge. Ahead of such situation the interest of these professionals for the deepening of the knowledge appeared, in order to get the biggest number of data on the construction. Therefore, such information would facilitate the power of argument in the difundiz them in way to the visitors, and in this way becoming public the magnitude of the episodes of the first Franciscano Convent of Brazil. Are as much the stories based for? for something? , there present, these, many times boarded and questioned by the curiosity of the proper visitors, factors that provoke an ample inquiry. After all each rock, each brick alicerado in this construction, occupies an established space previously was for a momentnea purpose or the assumption of a future.