• Maintenance

    Date: 2013.10.16 | Category: General | Tags:

    Stability of the vehicle is on to the pressure. One sends regards that the calibragem of the tires is made the cold, in other words, when the 3 automobile did not twirl more than 2 or km, to the reduced speed, or in the case to be motionless to one hour, at least. It places two pounds more than the desired one if the tire will be hot. To the being necessary to adjust the pressures with hot tires, it respects the differences of the pressures between axles, it does not remove the air of inside of it, increases 4 PSI (0,3 BAR) to the pressures between axles and, as soon as it will have chance, it verifies them with the cold tire. The Nitrogen backwards some benefits, as the lesser loss of pressure, since this air not migra with easiness through the rubber. As such gas it is not become enlarged with the heat, the calibragem can in such a way be made hot how much the cold, without many variations of pressure. It makes maintenance, contrary case loses its effect. It is important to verify if the valves of the tires are dried up, thus preventing loss of pressure.