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    Critical claims, suggestions or the representatives of the Executive (municipal or enterprise). After that, they will be invited to make the analysis of the job of the adjusted language, in accordance with the interlocutor. To remember that the use of an informal language, with slangs and abbreviations, is only recommendable will have privacy between the correspondents. The pupil will have to read and to reread its text, modifying what to judge convenient.

    To confer the language; to observe if used the vocativo correctly, if it developed the subject well chosen, if it was said farewell, and if it signed as the done orientaes previously. Soon, finished this stage, the email could be sent to the interlocutor, in case that it wants to keep correspondence with it. EVALUATION: It will be evaluated the participation, assiduity and the individual performance, as well as, domain of the writing, adequacy to vocabular correct use of the discursiva modality and the coherent literal sequncia. NECESSARY RESOURCES: Diverse e-mails and contacts, books, magazines, letters, tickets, dictionaries, computers with access the Internet, etc. REFERENCES SARMENTO, Leila Lauar.

    Writing workshop. So Paulo: Modern, 3 ed. 2006. Project: The email? Project of Research.. Access in: 22/09/2010. RAHA, Claude Belmonte. RASP, Aline Braga of. Of the letter to the email: writing and knowing itself and to the other. Access in 22/09/2010.