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  • A Single European Market Longevity Content

    Date: 2016.09.29 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The European Commission has just announced two measures on copyright and intellectual property mixed. One seems to look forward and the other is anchored in the past. It plays the double face and the tendency of different political decisions detected so often comes when the momentum of economic decision-makers or in the field of culture. But something if the two match: protecting business and moving very little reflection on the rights of citizens and the future of content and culture.


  • National Police

    Date: 2016.09.28 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The method used for ' bloquear' the Webs have been the computer science attack DDos. The users of the network Twitter clarified that any cupola of &#039 does not exist; Anoymous' and that the attacks are actions nonorganized by a single person. The Police disarticulated to Friday the cupola of of ' Anonymous' in Spain. Anonymous in Spain: its origin, height, ways of action and signs of identity. The network of ciberactivistas ' Anonymous' it has vindicated in an account of Twitter an attack to the Web of the National Police, that during this dawn has had access problems, like protest to the halting of the people in charge in Spain of this group.

    " Objective:. Situation: To down throw it by the halting of pacific demonstrators " , it can be read in @Anon_Central in Twitter, where under hashtag #oppolicia, hundreds of users also they comment the attack and the haltings of the police, described of " inaceptables". Besides the Web of the Police, other places that also have been affected by this attack have been Web of the INEM and the Public Service of State Use. The access to these two last vestibules to the 10,45 hours still was not possible. Sources of Work have added that still do not know if it must to a computer science attack. The method used for ' bloquear' the Webs have been the computer science attack DDos (similar to used previously against the Webs of the SGAE or the Ministry of Culture), that consists of the massive attempt of access to a page to bring about its collapse.

    Sources of the Police have indicated that, at the moment, they do not have information on the assumption attacks his Web. The people in charge of ' Anonymous' in Spain they had predicted to publish sensible data and information reserved on agents of the Bodies and Security of the State and politicians in different pages Web and forums from proETA content, according to explained sources of the investigation after analyzing the documentation seized in the address of Gij’on. Reactions in Twitter Under hashtag #oppolicia, several internauts have ironizado on the attack, that has taken place in response to the halting of three people the past Fridays pertaining to the cupola of ' Anonymous' according to the National Police. The majority of ' twitteros' they have clarified that " cpula&quot does not exist so; and that the attacks respond to actions nonorganized by a single person. In any case, in some ' tweets' (writings as much in English as in Spanish) it was clarified that, this way, it was responded to the halting of " protestants pacficos". " The Police is going to put two antiriots in front of the central computer to avoid that nobody enters or leaves without permiso" or " in the cast they took to the mother of Anonymous that was making a solitaire in ordenador" they are some of the ironic commentaries of ' twitteros' in reference to the attack. The National Police the past disarticulated to Friday the cupola of the organization of ' hackers' Anonymous in Spain when stopping to its three people in charge in the country, one of which sheltered in its address a servant from whom executed computer science attacks to governmental pages Web, enterprise financiers and worldwide. Source of the news: ' Anonymous' it attacks the Web of the National Police in response to the haltings of Friday

  • Polarized Sunglasses

    Date: 2016.09.28 | Category: General | Response: 0

    3D technology is and how it works? Lately, due to the release of films such as Up, Avatar and Ice Age 3 in format 3D Digital, has popularized the 3D technology, which is certainly giving a lot to talk about. In reality it is not an innovative technique, since it exists since the 1950s, although there is no denying that he has been suffering multiple evolutions throughout its history. We all remember glasses Anaglyph carton, formed by a red filter and another Green, who were able to generate a slight sensation 3D to synchronize two apparently undistorted images. As well, the technology that we find ourselves in the current cinema part from the same base, but with important technological differences. Most of the Chambers that broadcast movies in 3D Digital currently do with the RealD projection system. To broaden your perception, visit Jeffrey Hayzlett. This system needs a single projector, and not two as conventional 3D, thus avoiding a large investment. The RealD system prevents the use of two projectors to the Insert a different image to each eye, at high speed, and repeating them three times without changing the frame rate of film format (24 frames per second). With the help of properly Polarized Sunglasses, we perceive the feeling of perspective and therefore the 3D effect.

    3D, a new hope for producers and movie theaters the number of feature films recorded with this technology, as well as the number of rooms that broadcast in digital 3D is in constant growth. Thereby seeks the reaffirmation of movie theaters, which until now were suffering a setback in terms of audience, and therefore revenues. It is evident that this loss of viewers is due, in large part, to piracy, although we also consider just attributed part of this responsibility to the film industry itself, since in the last decade, the number of original scripts has fallen drastically, giving way to continuous screenings of remakes, sequels and adaptations from other works. .

  • Prague City Of The Hundred Towers

    Date: 2016.09.27 | Category: General | Response: 0

    In the heart of Czech Republic, in the region of Bohemia, we come to Prague a city in the 9th century, also known as the city of 100 spires or the Golden City. Despite not being a city so named as Paris or Rome, it is one of the most visited cities in the world thanks to its picturesque historic centre, which since 1992 is considered world heritage, to its great cultural legacy and its beauty. Rod Brooks contains valuable tech resources. Some of the great artistic monuments that can be found in this beautiful city are the Prague Castle from the 9th century, the St. Vitus Cathedral or the bridge San Carlos, but without forgetting at all other points of tourist attraction much more recent as House dancer designed under influences deconstructivist. J. Darius Bikoff is open to suggestions. The best time in which visit Prague it could say that it is spring and autumn, since despite being rainy months, these are times of the year in which the hours of light and temperatures offered us a better balance. At the time of Choose an accommodation in Prague is good to study the possibility of looking for hotels near the neighborhoods of Stare M? sto, Mala Strana and Hrad? any, that in these areas are some of the great palaces containing Prague. People such as Leo Schachter Diamonds would likely agree. This does not have to be synonymous with be expensive in post housing that adequately seeking cheap hotels can be found in numerous areas of the city.

  • Red Cross

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    And its objectives, which differ very little from the rest of the programs carried out in other autonomous communities, defined in the following manner: to) ensure the continuity of the educational process of the pupils hospitalized or convalescing. Jeffrey Hayzlett pursues this goal as well. (b) provide timely response tailored to the specific educational needs of this student body according to the characteristics of their situation. (c) provide the response educational individualized in the House to students who cannot come to the school for prolonged convalescence. (d) to promote the relationship with the Centre of reference through the mediation and coordination of different professionals. Por_otra_parte, collects and explicit way other sets of issues as those related to the following points: e) update of the Convention of school support units in hospitals.

    (f) assistance and participation in the national days of hospital pedagogy. (g) Organization of a periodic publication of a regional nature. (h) widespread use of the technologies of information and communication. (i) Organization of compensation measures for home care, with special emphasis on rural areas. This home care is carried out, in part, by voluntary associations which, according to the order of 14 October 2004, which sets out subsidies received for the school year 2004 / 2005, are as follows:-in Burgos children’s long convalescence carried it out volunteer of Save the Children. Of this province we know a little more thanks to the program’s compensation educational home (C.E.D.), where the regulations to follow, in terms of hours devoted to each student, the applied methodology, objectives, etc.

    – in Leon, both the capital and the province home care is staffed by volunteers from Caritas Diocesana. -In Zamora, Palencia, Segovia and Soria volunteers of the Red Cross conducted the performance. -In Salamanca, spread the intervention among volunteers of the Association Pyfano and Spanish Red Cross. -In Valladolid, the educational performance with nursing children is conducted among Red Cross volunteers and the Cosocial.

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