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  • Also Frank Liebig

    Date: 2014.03.28 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The third block searches the entire site including existing PDFs. Here, for example, advice on the correct frying or steaming can be found. A further request of the WMF team was the Visual highlighting of search terms in the results lists and the auto-suggest. exorbyte commerce search is offered as a SaS solution (software-as-a-service), WMF wish a customized hosting. Through the close coordination of project teams by WMF and exorbyte, all requirements could be meet request and completed on schedule.

    Hannes Schwarz, project exorbyte team leader, is pleased with the successful cooperation: within a very short time we were able to implement all individual adjustments. Indeed, that now also the international roll-out, speak other languages, can be realized immediately.” Also Frank Liebig, team leader-Internet/e-business for WMF and is responsible for the implementation and for the international roll-out, draws a positive balance: by deploying exorbyte commerce search we were able to achieve a high usability and a comfortable shopping experience for our customers. The excellent search features and the price/performance ratio convinced us.” About exorbyte exorbyte GmbH is a multiple award-winning software company that develops intelligent, fault-tolerant high end search solutions for structured, large amounts of data. exorbytes search applications are worldwide leaders in the combination of highest fault tolerance, accuracy, speed, customization, scalability and hardware efficiency. Well-known customers such as Alliance,, Federal Ministry of finance,,,, Vodafone, illustrate the technological leadership.

    Exorbyte commerce search with the intelligent, fault-tolerant product search developed specifically for online-shops”and whose promotional functions can shop operators of high relevance of sales a store locator Take into account. As a SaS solution, the search is quick and easy in a shop and ensures a higher usability, conversion rate, quantity, customer loyalty, and permanently more sales. contact: exorbyte GmbH Thomas Braun line-Eid-str. 1, D-78467 Konstanz phone: + 49 7531 36 33 900 fax: + 49 7531 36 33 901

  • Engineering Risks

    Date: 2014.03.26 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Presentation of Risks of Engineering In a country where the economy has its propeller spring in the development of the industry of the civil construction, is necessary that the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors that they act in this segment, if protect against possible accidents that they can occur during the execution of its projects of civil workmanships, are of small or of great transport. A Safe from policy of Risks of Engineering, the tranquillity to the insured, either it constructor, mounter or the owner of the workmanship, when guaranteeing the payment of indemnity damage of them, caused material damageses to the proper workmanship, during its execution. For having a Civil Engineer as partner, the Merit has conditions to structuralize a policy of Risks of Engineering, with coverings and insured importncias adjusted to the type of construction object of the act of contract of the insurance. Read more here: PEMCO. This means, that beyond optimum cost/benefit, in the hour to contract, the Merit has wide experience in the liquidation of accidents. This if must to the fact that the Merit has as norm, to follow the development of the execution of the insured workmanship. This insurance is destined the companies of civil construction or proprietors of workmanships, having guaranteed the actual damages the residences, vertical residential and commercial buildings of characteristic, shopping, industrial hotels, hospitals, buildings, that is all civil construction in the construction phase, protecting the Insured against the risks related with the construction projects, initiated workmanships, temporary magnifyings, reforms, structures..

  • Superior Education Such

    Date: 2014.03.24 | Category: General | Response: 0

    These happened, of different Institutions of Superior Education, however, specifically of the courses of Turismo and Gastronomia. Such learning had been contracted by time previously determined, in order to exert the function of conductors/trainees during the visitations. Soon, it is undeniable to emphasize that the initiative of the project ' ' Circuit of the Igrejas' ' , it brings in its essence the care for the representation and the dissemination of the related facts to the religious constructions, while patrimony of Pernambuco. Senior V.P. of Ads & Commerce has many thoughts on the issue. Therefore in the instant where it has accompaniment, constituted of interpretativa communication through valuable narratives concerning the religious, historical, sociocultural trajectory and architectural of each construction. This capable one to excite a beneficial reflection of the visitors, being thus unchained, effect, but, above all propitiating the knowledge of some allusive elements the origins and formation of the pernambucana society.

    In such a way, in the condition of conductors, the authors of this article, who had been assigned to act in the Convent of San Francisco? Olinda/PE when exerting its functions, initiate the first one? to recognize? , therefore until that moment they withheld only one superficial knowledge. Ahead of such situation the interest of these professionals for the deepening of the knowledge appeared, in order to get the biggest number of data on the construction. Therefore, such information would facilitate the power of argument in the difundiz them in way to the visitors, and in this way becoming public the magnitude of the episodes of the first Franciscano Convent of Brazil. Are as much the stories based for? for something? , there present, these, many times boarded and questioned by the curiosity of the proper visitors, factors that provoke an ample inquiry. After all each rock, each brick alicerado in this construction, occupies an established space previously was for a momentnea purpose or the assumption of a future.

  • The Portuguese

    Date: 2014.03.20 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The struggle is to eliminate dependent citizens who expect the State and pronounced the ineffable and damaging phrase: is that this Government gives me. The citizen, including rather than behave as such, will be submitted in the world that overlooks a permanent challenge that assume duties in the socio-political community to which you belong and you must ensure that that community recognizes him as his Member and facilitates access to social assets. Boaventura de Sousa Santos developed a model called high-intensity democracy or democracy emancipatory. The Portuguese author (limits and possibilities of democracy, among several others) part on a devastating critical analysis what calls democratic hegemonic thinking. It is based on a project of social transformation through the creation of nonconformist forms of sociability, the reinvention of citizenship and maximization of political participation. The Lusitanian sociologist It describes perfectly the failures of democracy as we have known it, in its theoretical origin, its electoral procedures and their consequences of lack of interference citizen, so he proceeds to re-elaborate a democratic theory, what obviously is absolutely necessary in today’s world.

    It proposes a radical socialist democracy and the search for epistemological alternatives to restore hope of emancipation. Adjectives can be redundant; for example the adjective radical is becoming most widely used in the social sciences in relation to democracy and the Socialist adjective can lend to confusion. In any case, the Portuguese researcher requires is a global repoliticisation of social practice, i.e. to overcome the mere electoral participation, meaning identify power relationships and imagine practical ways to transform them into relationships of shared authority. We can not disagree in that non-State actors where the State coordinates must emerge in the new global public space but It exerts a power sharing. Less on their thesis for inclusion, its approaches of social redemption or their approaches to a growing participation that may lead to new forms of power, which we have called the collective decisions.

  • Needs

    Date: 2014.03.14 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Achieving what you want in life is a great merit, there are people who do more easily without feeling remorse by defrauding others along the way. Others feel guilt and succeed at the end of the search, but others fear stop trying and surrenders losing their desires and hopes. Like every human being, when parents us cuando los padres nos crian breed they projected in their children the hope that we will succeed in everything that they did not, and follow its steps as much as possible. Same religion, same social level, same styles interests and others. However, many of us feel that what you want not is close to yours and that they must leave and experimenting different ways to achieve this.

    This means that they must be in the attempt to disappoint their parents, friends or loved ones who were expecting from you certain things that you can not give them. If that is your case, do not give up or give up or feel that you meet others. There will always be someone who wait for it something else, but it is important and essential that you separate your needs from the needs of the rest of the people (whoever they are). When you’re in a situation like this, you should think on how you feel and your own beliefs, and with that you will know to decide. For example, my friend se enamoro a boy a few years ago that did not meet all the expectations of his parents. It was not of the same religion. She was always respectful of his parents and responsible for someone who never thought he would be that way against them.

    However, llego la hora that wanted to engage with the boy and found himself in a corner without knowing that already say he knew that a part of her was going to disappoint her parents and the other a if same. Anyway, my friend got married a few weeks ago with the guy who was with girlfriend for 4 years and this very happy though his father not as this. She is now in crisis with his father, who raised her, maintained it, gave him all the love possible and is a very hard feeling. However, the will have to understand your decision because you won’t want to miss his daughter who is now an adult, your fut uros grandchildren and life that carries forward only pride and disappointment. In the end, It is important and essential to have the inner strength to believe that you can be happy achieving separate the love of our parents and loved ones, personal love that one needs, our interests and needs. So I think that we must take into account always is that we are all human beings that we seek to satisfy and please others and oneself, however we must (parents and children) understand that everyone has right of search, experience the world and discover it, because only in this way one knows that this living.

  • The People

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    You can choose the site where you’ll sit and will have time to chat quietly with one of the organizers. 2 Identifies to the people with whom you want to talk. View mentally preparing the itinerary of people who will carry out. In case of not knowing anyone, asks the own organisers by attendees. It is likely that they can provide you enough information so that you can get an idea about what people you know. 3 Leverages known so that you submit to other people.

    You take hold of those people that you already know that you introduce to others and facilitate contacts. 4 Distributes your time consistently. Avoid the temptation to stay talking all the time with your friends. It can be very pleasant, but it is not the purpose of the meeting. Chat with everyone but you don’t hit you none. 5 Acts in a relaxed way. You’re in a meeting, meeting people, feeling at ease and trying to make contacts.

    It is not time to go crazy and become a killer in relationships. Acts calmly, without any pressure and without trying to be someone you’re not. The best formula to appeal to people is displayed as is. No trap or carton. 6 Displays your friendly face. It tries to be as pleasant as possible. Smile extends life and makes friends. Smile naturally as much as possible. You do not force it because it would be false, but tries to maintain that positive attitude and pleasant throughout the meeting and the smile will appear naturally in your face. 7 Listening, listening, listening. Love to people talking about their lives, projects, passions, and they feel happy when they perceive that you pay attention. Give them all the time and attention that they deserve and will thank you for your interest. 8 Ten prepared the questions of survival.

  • Linkin Park

    Date: 2014.03.10 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Created for the friends Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson, Linkin Park is a band of rock of California, United States. Created in 1996, the band was famous in 2000 for the mixture of hip-hop, electronic music and heavy guitars. Currently also they are part of the band Chester Bennington (vocal and guitar), Phoenix (low), Rob Bourdon (battery) and Joe Hahn (DJ). In the start of the career the band called Xero, but when Chester assumed the vocal one of the band, them they had opted to the name ' ' Hybrid Theory' '. The entrance of the singer in the band was basic so that they developed a proper style, opening doors for the beginning of the professional career. However for questions judicial, them they had had that to opt to another name and inhaled in an outlying area of California, &#039 appeared the name; ' Linkin Park' '.

    The boys knew of the potential of the band, and wanted to become professionals. They assayed with frequency and had recorded an album demon to give start in the career. Through very work and some CDs sent for different recorders, them they had obtained a contract with the Warner Music. In the year of 2000, Linkin Park launched its first official album. The heading could not be another one, ' ' Hybrid Theory' ' , one forms to use the name that they had opted originally. Some musics of this album had gotten success in U.S.A., however it was with ' ' In the End' ' that they had projected the band internationally. In 2002 Linkin Park if became the preferred band of young of the entire planet. At this time when they already were a sales phenomenon, the album was announced as, that would be launched in the following year.

    With unknown musics, ' ' Meteora' ' it vendeu incredible 800 a thousand copies in its week of estria. Some singles as famosssimo ' ' Breakin the Habit' ' they had obtained to reach the first place of the Billboard. Celebrities for the good mixture of hip hop with rock, in 2004, they had joined it rapper Jay-Z to launch ' ' Collision Course' '. This partnership with Jay-Z generated clips and one turn of success. However problems with Warner Music recorder had delayed launching of the third album of studio of the band, launched only in 2007. ' ' You draft the Midnight' ' the band to the top of the Billboard relieved again and a participation in the sonorous track of the film ' ' Transformers' '. The next album to Linkin Park will be launched in 14 of September of 2010 with the name of ' ' The Thousand Suns' '. the Brazilians can count on a show of the band, them had confirmed the presence in festival SWU in October. Then for you that it goes to the show of them, catches all the letters of music of Linkin Park and prepares the voice to cry out together, nor that the refres are alone.

  • Nikita One

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    It had certain complicity between us, we changed opinions, as I can have so been donkey to have enxergado as much thing, but not to have seen you, well in my front. He was blind for other things I ask for pardon for having lacked courage, having lacked attitude to me, we were friends, I know that you liked another one, but the truth also, is that I had fear of not being good sufficient for you, always wanted to it optimum, for me what it interested, was to see you happy, exactly that this meant not to be with me. Pause Pardons me, therefore nor I obtain to pardon myself. Perhaps some day you open a book, magazine or a periodical or even though a page in the Web and read this letter and think: – He will be! To the times I think that if we had in the loved one and until married (imagination mine, is clearly) I would have the biggest pride in speaking for that my wife is the woman prettiest of the world. But it was as already it said: The life is not as in the films and us we are not heroes. I am wild of curiosity in knowing as you are, probably married, you always you were very pretty, an equal woman you you would not be single. Of the deep one of my heart, I wait that he is happy, to think consoles me thus a little. I only want to say I love that you, go to forget you Nikita, never love very and always I to love go you, for the remaining portion of my life, to love I go you!. Some contend that electron research shows great expertise in this.

  • Defining Goals

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    When we have defined a goal clearly in our life, invades us a feeling of joy and project the future thinking of how wonderful that will be it is achieve what ourselves as a goal. No doubt that the enthusiasm is important to take any action, the question we must ask ourselves is what strong is our enthusiasm? Here the most encounter a great wall because making things work requires some dedication and discipline. For years we have seen how much encourage the people when they talk about a goal or if we look at the wonderful results of reality made wishes, but what happens then? When the people realize the effort that must be made then his excitement fades until extinguished. Note that if you really want something you have to be willing to pay any price to achieve it, you must have a strong spirit of sacrifice, a strong moral as well as an extraordinary strength of will, all this can be summed up in the true Word determination clear. In the book the secret of the The goals of Andrew Corentt power gives us guides must have a goal to make people commit themselves with them, is not a simple task, but knowing enter our emotional state we can achieve unimaginable things.

    Motivation makes us make incredible efforts and we opened a world of greater possibilities in order to manifest our deepest desires. The most complicated part of the achievement of goals is to face adversity, it is here where we should always stay calm, if we go into despair we send a negative message to the universe, that will diminish us our faith, patience that the results will be presented. Each day having the sensation of suffocation, then calm down, think and rethink things, if the path is correct you will continue to give the best of themselves, each day that feel discouragement counter it with major actions, surrender completely to your goal. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows us that a great power is the insistence, but never with despair but with peace of mind, think about how wonderful that you will feel once you manifest that goal, it is more now acted as a person who already achieved all their dreams, live happy and look like all that waiting rushes at you, celebrate life!

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