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  • Taiwan Promises More Economic Liberalization

    Date: 2014.06.29 | Category: General | Response: 0

    After publishing a “Taiwan white paper” by the United States, Taiwan sees further economic reforms towards according to Council for economic planning and development (EDPS) will improve further the administrative framework of Taiwan’s the Government of the Republic of China, to advance trade liberalization and to pave the way in terms of accession to regional trade pacts such as the trans partnership (TPP). The Government is in regard to the preparation of accession to the TPP nothing leave no stone unturned”, so EDPS Minister Kuan Chung – ming. Key indicators are the strengthening of the position of our nation in the regional trade. a trade liberalization and internationalization of the economy” Kuan comments relate to the publication of the latest Taiwan white paper”the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. In the document the is proposal of the Government, to strengthen the local investment climate, to take part in regional trade groupings and to ensure that you Energy needs is still coming. The Minister said that the free economic zones initiative is an important component in terms of the intention of the Government participate in the TPP.

    Currently this free economic zones project includes five Taiwanese free trade ports – Keelung, Kaohsiung, Su-ao, Taichung and Taipei, as well the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport”- a. The first phase is to begin in July, while you would expect the adoption of free economic zones Bill through the legislature in the context of the second phase. Once everything has been started and is running, we expect, that the free economic zones initiative will unleash a steady flow of capital, goods, information and professionals in Taiwan,”Kuan said. We believe also that the resulting free business environment will attract more expatriates of the Republic of China, which at the same time bring home their international businesses.” The Government was also obliged the membership of Taiwan in the To secure, so Kuan TPP. We are working to reach a consensus in the market liberalisation with local industrial sectors”, said Kuan, adding that close cooperation between the public and private actors takes place with the aim of improving the local investment environment. It no effort will refrain from work to the industry in terms of the benefits of easing the law regulations to inform and our willingness to signal, hand in hand with them to solve potentially emerging challenges “, he said. We hope also that the United States Taiwan will support and help our nation in joining international trade pacts continue to mutually benefit from it.”

  • INTRANET Awards

    Date: 2014.06.24 | Category: General | Response: 0

    MAN Diesel & Turbo SE what big with the best global intranet and won the we.CONECT INTRA.NET award of 2013 from the 24th to the 26th of April 2013, we.CONECT s INTRA.NET reloaded 2013 of Bucholz more than 200 intranet & Enterprise 2.0 professionals from leading global organizations to discuss current challenges and future developments in the fields of intranet, social business collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 on the evening of the 24th of April, the annual INTRA.NET award 2013 took place at Cosmos Berlin, where the best intranet project, which awarded. The independent jury, consisting of Jorn Bodemann (CEO, e-spirit AG), Philipp Rosenthal (future Office evangelist, Tieto), Darius Miranda (Vice President, social business strategy, Wells Fargo Inc.), Kelli Carlson Jagersma (Vice President, social business strategy, Wells Fargo Inc.) and Jonathan Phillips (Manager, digital communications, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.), selected the BEST INTRA.NET out of more than 30 candidates. And the winner of the we.CONECT INTRA.NET award 2013 is MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. The project what big thanks to the excellent transition operated After the merger of MAN Diesel SE and MAN Turbo AG. Joseph Purse and his team managed to overcome the challenges in creating a common platform to connect a large number of employees within different fields, as well as bridging the gap and uniting global sales and operational services throughout the company.

    Christiane Krohling, online communication Manager, received the prize and thanked the entire MAN Diesel & Turbo intranet team for their hard work. The second place went to the Swiss Post for their company-wide intranet project, which connected more 30,000 employees. The third place went to Hamburg Sud for their successful integration of two intranet networks into one common system. The non-profit organization Camara education Inc. received the 2000 prize from we.CONECT global leaders GmbH.

    Camara is an international organization involved in global training projects and dedicated to using technology to improve education and skills in disadvantaged communities around the world. The INTRA.NET 2013 included more than 40 case studies, World Cafe and interactive sessions. The discussions and presentations on topics such as enterprise social networking as part of the business strategy, organization of content in the field of usability, intranet strategies in the business environment and knowledge management for employee portal and intranet networks completely surpassed the expectations of more than 150 participants. After the conference is before the conference with more than 40 speakers and 150 participants from all over the world INTRA.NET reloaded is the largest European networking platform in 2013 for internal communications manager, intranet managers and collaboration project leaders. The we.CONECT team is already preparing the 3rd INTRA.NET reloaded 2014, which will take place in Berlin from the 27th to the 29th of April of 2014th next year, award to the INTRA.NET once again be attributed to outstanding intranet projects.

  • Managing Director

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    Declining sales and changing customer needs, increase the demand for advice in the industry of given declining sales in the classical supply business and increased pressure on margins, especially in the power business, are looking for new, future-oriented business models, ensuring sustainable income and growth companies in the energy and utility industry. You respond thus to changing customer needs, including for innovative products, as well as on the political pressure, particularly by the EU regulatory framework for renewable energy and emission reduction. The newly created consulting unit utility excellence partner of the management consulting h & z and Cambridge management strategy developed tailor-made solutions and business models along the entire value chain for companies in the energy and utilities industry. The unit is headed by: Lionel Marquie (CMS), Michael Santo (h & z), Dr. Peter Schulz (CMS), Boris Wippermann (h & z). Consulting focuses on the topics Settlement request, growth strategy, alliances and collaborations, network – and sales optimization, shopping, supply chain, organisational development, corporate management and services. Utility excellence partners is active worldwide with a network of over 420 consultants and offices in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Gothenburg, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich, Dubai and Sao Paulo. A cooperation of the management consulting h & z and Cambridge management strategy with utility excellence partner h & z consulting and Cambridge management strategy linking their deep industry knowledge with excellent know-how in the area of business excellence; h & z was awarded for 2011 the hidden Champion Award.

    Both companies have extensive market and project experience with local and international clients. With utility excellence partners the strategic and operative implementation competence of h & z succeeded us, consulting and the Cambridge management strategy in the energy field reaffirm”, says Lionel Marquie, Managing Director of Cambridge management strategy. “And Michael Santo, Board member of h & z, added: as utility excellence partners we offer our customers in the energy and supply markets across the required support in the areas of strategy and business excellence through the entire value chain”.

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