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  • Financial Organizations

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    Therefore, private capital or private money subscribes when no of the intervening parts is a financial organization. Behind this so generic definition multitude of shades and particularitities hide, given the little transparency that exists with this activity. The loan of money between individuals is exploited by means of a hypothecating loan, or what is the same constitutes a mortgage deprived on real estate that is used like guarantee. The main advantage of private capital or private money at all the levels is its highest flexibility. For the individual or the society of investment (legal person), not them determining that the client has incidences of payment with Financial Organizations or other debts, although these are demanded judicially and appear as embargoes or are protested in via executive. Consequently, this type of loan is not subject to the types of interest determined by the indices of reference of the Bank of Spain, if not that pay attention with proportionality criteria, between the destiny of the money and the risk assumed with the applicant of the loan. Therefore, the individual, or society that needs money deprived or private capital, must be proprietor of real estate, house, villa, floor, apartment, the commercial premises, industrial ship, urban land or rustic and this title of property must consist in the Registry of the Property (documents not registered, must be written down previously in the Registry of the Property) that wishes: Why is used private money or private capital? The loan of money between individuals, with " money privado" or " capital privado" he is destined to clients who want an agile process, without bureaucratic proceedings that allows the payment them of the quota in deferred term, being applied a type of suitable interest stops: 1. – To finance professional opportunities of investment, projects (expansions of business, reorganization of liabilities, resolution of treasury problems, etc.) without excessive bureaucratic proceedings and cannot obtain the bottoms in the Financial Organizations.

  • POS Marketing

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    In times like these, the point of sale increases its value in consumer decision-making. In the case of the marks, take care of product packaging requires maximum attention not to lose sales and market share. Read additional details here: Coinbase. And the key element of support is the POS or POS Display, naming that gives coverage to all types of exhibitors, displays, floor stands, etc. Whether permanent type or single-use, cardboard, plastic or wood, located in cash or as linear header, all of them give shape to the Merchandising as a marketing technique at the point of sale and revalued its function in times of crisis. Understanding that the circumstances rule and support service to graphic designers, advertisers and marketing professionals as well as to non-specialized graphic arts companies, was founded, a web portal-no-frills of graphic resources, specialized in downloads of exhibitors and floor-stand from cardboard templates.

    The objective is that the designers to obtain, either the project or the idea, and you can download the profile of die to a negligible thus, saving hours of work cost. At the moment, has more than 90 references and is expected to reach 200 this year and continue to grow in the future. References can be located either by types of POS, business sector, sizes, and shapes to make a first approximation of the exhibitor or packaging that the user needs for your project. It is developed in 6 languages by which acquires a global and universal character. All the prototypes are designed, specified, and mentored by one of the companies with more experience and seniority of the POS industry. The business contact is via the mail.

  • Visit El Mirador De Solano Of Puerto Cabello

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    The viewpoint of Solano was executed based on plans drawn up by Brigadier Agustin Crame, the most important military engineer that Spain sent to these territories, which are signed and dated in Caracas May 15, 1778, the current work presents the same triangular structure devise its author, four Interior vaults two for garrison accommodationone to store gunpowder and the last for food and ammunition, on the upper platform and by the southern flank had eight embrasures, by the northern flank and batteries were placed on the rounded platform that makes your forehead a cistern made of central point in a narrow plaza de armas, was covered by the South side road was not completed its execution. Don Pedro Carbonell, Governor and Captain General of Venezuela ordered the suspension in 1800 of the work by the high cost of the same. The work was executed from the year 1778 sore the barbette battery, that is without embrasures for cannons. The existing Hexagon structure from 1765 projected and built by Don Jose Solano and count Don Miguel de Roncallyh, despite being their fires too sijantes covered by North up the Bay and the town. The main purpose of its construction was however protect the course of the San Esteban River, especially the path of Carabobo that entered through the portachuelo San Esteban River Valley and skirting the peak Hilaria communicated with Valencia. The viewpoint was located in strategic place which dominates towards the sea from the tip of Patanemo until the cays of Tucacas, on the East the Avenue from Borburata and Saint Lucia, for the South Mountain the entrance of the dry Valley Road and the road of Carabobo, by the West vision encompassed several kilometres of beach and flat land, the solidity of its construction: it is made of stones from quarries operated in the same place and which prevented not only deterioration occurred through the passage of time but the effects of wars do not exist in the army of the Republic nor companies of sappers or miners or appropriate instruments, and to the amazement of his structure was saved in may 1823 of be flown by forces Patriots retreating after besieging the city.

  • Famous Wedding Photographers

    Date: 2018.10.18 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Most recently, wedding photographers considered lower caste. They are not respected, not only colleagues in other areas of the profession, but also its customers. Svadebschiki very recently been recognized not only talented but also very a variety of professionals. Wedding photographer should be able to shoot and architecture with the landscape on a walk the young, at the same time be portrait and product photographer, and that many important photojournalist, not to miss any important event of the day. So let us will pay a wedding photographer worthy of their attention to work and tell you about the best of them. Denis Reggie Location: Atlanta, Ga., Reggie owns an invaluable service, it is he managed to change an established approach to wedding photography. Over 25 years of his career wedding photographer in his portfolio are pictures of hundreds of weddings, including pairs of A.

    Schwarzenegger and M. Shriver, John F. Kennedy Jr. 's Caroline Bessete. Reggie owns one of the most famous shots in the history of wedding photography, which depicts a groom kissing bride's hand to leave the church. Glory find Denise through the practice and development of new style, which he described as "wedding photojournalism".

    "I am – a silent observer for the wedding – he says – looking for a moment on which the story of the day." Jeff Ascough Location: Littlouver, Derbyshire, England First British photographers who shoot in the style of fotozhurnalisa. Became famous after his works were printed in the Washington Post, 2004. Asko himself says about the impact on the formation of his style of Henri Cartier-Besson. Its peculiarity work is not in infinite clatter gate, such as do almost all the photos and waiting for the right moment, as it uses high-aperture lenses through which to shoot in natural light is not so difficult, and does not use a tripod. Such an approach made popular among the Asco rock stars and young people with a little bit of glamor and force. Joe Bussink Location: Beverly Hills, Calif. Perhaps most interesting is that you can tell Byussinke – this is what he had the honor to shoot two weddings of close relatives itself Annie Leibovitz, the best in America portretessy and photographer. However, in spite of the executed order Byussik found him humiliating, it was strange, because over the past 12 years, he took off his wedding no less than Annie portraits. Well as its customers were Jessica Simpson, Barry Bondza and J. Lo. Byussika little concerned that asking his customers, once hired it, the style of work suits and ready to work like. As a result Byussink doing what he likes himself, claiming that a wedding photographer it is important to develop his own style, using the ideas come to mind, technology and not be afraid risk. The main thing in his work is to catch the event-stream and quickly remove all seen on camera. Brian Armstrong recognizes the significance of this. Source: the best wedding photographers of the world

  • Summit EuLac

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    The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) were European colonies and now depend on us. While appointments pan-americanas Washington seeks to hegemonize the EU-LAC summits in these two regions want to help to counterbalance to the United States. If the EU seeks to expand its investments and influence, LAC wants more capital and markets, and room for manoeuvre before Bush. Many Latin countries have certain resistances before us by the Cuban, the Kyoto Treaty or unilateralism, things in which there is less distances with the EU. For even more details, read what Jeffrey Hayzlett says on the issue. However, recent elections show that both continents are going in opposite directions. The triumph of Lugo accentuates the South American leftist tide, while Berlusconi in Italy and Johnson in London show that Europe is going to the right. This is what encourage Merkel Chavez shock. In the Andes revive feuds: between Colombia with Ecuador and Venezuela, and between the latter and Peru that are more pro-libre trade with Europe with its two Andean partners (Ecuador and Bolivia) that become more distrustful or protectionist..

  • Master Han Shan Comes After Bad Krozingen

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    Entrepreneur afternoon for management and entrepreneurs about the basics of energy management with master Han Shan. On November 17, 2010, the master Han Shan known through press and TV at the invitation of INCONET Managing Director of Frank o comes after bad Krozingen. He will speak within the framework of a Unternehmernachmittages about the basics of energy management and development and provide concrete guidance in a two-hour practice part. He earned millions as a businessman, gave away everything after a serious accident and was to the Buddhist mendicant. Today, the master Han Shan known through press and TV teaches his findings on lecture tours through Germany.

    In bad Krozingen, he for the first time specifically aimed at executives and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur afternoon starts at 15:00 and between 19:00 and 20:00. Master Han Shan will first teach the basics of energy management in a lecture, then answer the questions of the participants and finally in a two-hour practice part give specific instructions. Managers and entrepreneurs with their huge influence on economy and society are particularly close to the heart, because as a former entrepreneur master Han Shan he knows that you only successful can manage themselves, before this can be achieved with employees, projects and collaborations. Master Han Shan was born in 1951 in Offenbach as Hermann Ricker. Who releases, has two hands in his bestseller titled”he describes his route from the German Manager to the mendicant and his experiences with the Buddhist doctrine of the origin. After bad Krozingen, master Han Shan comes at the invitation of INCONET Managing Director of Frank o.

    Frank of o is not only entrepreneurs, but also psychological coach and he knows what master Han Shan says: let go of the many unnecessary mental and emotional ballast, which carry just executives with him, to be able to live better and full and manage. The practical part for all participants to be a tangible benefit, the event is limited to 40 places of participation. The details of the event can be found on the corporate website of INCONET ( or in the private feel better blog by Frank Obels ( Learn more about master Han Shan: press contact and contentwise responsible person in accordance with 10 paragraph 3 MDStV: Frank o phone: + 49 (0) 7664-505 65 52 imprint: INCONET – information systems, communication and network consulting GmbH Swabia mats 15 D 79292 Vera Tan phone: + 49 (0) 7664-505 65 52 fax: + 49 (0) 7664-505 65 58 website: about the company: INCONET is an Internet solution provider for small and medium-sized enterprises and has focused particularly on the subject of authentic communication and marketing on the Internet. Also the coaching possibilities that can take a customer claim to be sovereign in self-expression and communication are a special feature.

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