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  • Movable Values

    Date: 2017.02.25 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Robert Ramalho is Journalist and Lawyer the government announced month passed with sufficient pomp the launching of the National Plan of Broad band who will have to enter in vigor from 2011 and to reach the goal of massificar the services of fast Internet in the Country up to 2014. As information given for the minister of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic the Telebrs will be the manager of the staple fibre nets optics of the government, acting in the attacked one with the transmission of data whereas the private companies are with the last call mile, taking care of the final customer. They had been nine months of quarrel so that the government today announced the National Plan of Broad band, with goals that will be implanted between 2011 the 2014 aiming at to massificar the services of fast Internet in the Country. For who one does not remember the Telebrs is one old holding of the telephony system and that now it will come back to be the manager of the program. This new attribution of the state one already was officialized yesterday at night in excellent fact directed to the Commission of Movable Values.

    In accordance with an official notice the state-owned company will have to practically provide infrastructure and nets with support the services of telecommunications given for private companies in all the country. This wants to say that in the practical one, the Telebrs will be the manager of the optic staple fibre nets of the government, acting in the attacked one with the transmission of data. In this direction the official notice of the federal government also affirms that the Telebrs will be able to give the service of Internet of broad band for the final users, ‘ ‘ but and where it does not exist it so only offers adequate of these servios’ ‘.

  • Make Boat Licence And Are Finally At The Helm!

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    In the closing of the lightweights to the Sports Captain: In the port Stralsund, enjoy vacation and make the sports boat captains license. Stralsund, 05 September 2012. Holiday driving school with maritime ambience: the Stralsunder Volko Krause had a dream and made it with success. After six years of construction the boat driving instructor and skilled shipbuilders completed the Likedeeler motor ship, where he teaches sports boat captains license courses and houses its students if necessary. Holiday driving school on the ship, which means: Live In the port Stralsund, learn for pleasure craft licence, in the afternoon drive to the beach, enjoy the Stralsunder culture and night life. So, also very busy during the holidays can relax and at the same time makes sense for the sports boat captains license training use the holiday season. Interested can check on the website. The 18-meter-long ship is built in the marine style and equipped with nautical collectibles, which underline the individual charm of this vessel.

    It has a spacious room with large work table for teaching. There are four cabins with washbasin, cupboards and two or three bunks, which are conveniently offered for holiday student in the lower deck. Breakfast is included in the price and is served in a nearby Cafe. There are drinks and coffee during the day on board. Parking is available in the immediate vicinity. Lessons take place in the week before a test date, on Sundays you go, then learned to Friday and on Saturday the examination is pushed onto the Danholm, the island in the middle of the Strelasund. There are six school days with 6 hours a day theoretical training for the sports boat captains license.

    Then, practical driving exercises in the port of Stralsund will be taken to the relaxation. The holiday driving school for the sports boat captains license there since August 2012, berths can be reserved at any time. Montauk Colony is likely to agree. All info and dates on the Web page holiday driving school / students After passing the exam, Charter a boat in Stralsund to their sports boat captains license to consolidate knowledge and to spend the second week of the holiday with your family or friends on the Lake. Likedeeler boat driving school offers a full-time skipper training for, to become familiar with the Charter boat and the conditions at sea. All graduates of the boat driving school Likedeeler receive regularly free information and tips in the form of videos and newsletters, to safely keep the learned knowledge and to handle any situation on the water safely. Company profile Likedeeler boat driving school was founded in 2001 by Volko Krause and gives classes to Lake sports boat captains license, sports boat captains license within that sport coastal skipper certificate, sports Lake skipper licence and the SRC radio certificate. Evening courses and weekly courses take place. By the students, especially the practical training is estimated at motorboat Likedeeler, which is located on the North breakwater in the port Stralsund. The holiday driving school is an extraordinary offer. Students can book a berth on the ship, prepare the holiday on the examination to the sports boat captains license, and at the same time pleasant holiday close to the Baltic Sea. Detailed information and news on the Web page press contact boat driving school Likedeeler INH.

  • Enchanting Valentine Day Ideas

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    No matter, the weather may be cold and uncomfortable, intimate feelings, warm words and gifts selected with love make Valentine’s day for warmth, well-being and many moments of happiness. And perhaps even beyond this day. The affection for a special people is expressed with a personal gift, which can be quite simple or extravagant depending on individual preference. Red roses for your sweetheart are still the top seller at the Valentine’s gifts, but also a coffee mug with engraving, a photo pillow or a personalized cell phone case trigger great pleasure.

    An aromatic fragrance, a fancy dinner, an engraved wine or beer glass arrive safely as well. Even a personal Star name and diploma or a balloon flight can now or the loved one be given away. It is important for all that it comes from the heart. And of course, bordering the Valentine’s day especially in the trend. Offers a wide range of warm, romantic and loving decoration possibilities for attractively staged sales rooms and expenses on 2014 decoration specialist Woerner in his new spring/summer catalogue. So Valentine’s day is a celebration of emotions. Signal red accents heart feathers, acrylic, paper, jute, felt and velvet surface.

    Roses – and enamel heart, heart in the rattan decor and as a silhouette, decorated with Rhinestone, as cardboard or heart chain offer countless opportunities to talk with the heart. Roses are also appropriate and meaningful in all their diversity. As a lush bouquet or vine, in the form of a banner or as a panel with stitched-on flowers, branches of climbing roses, panels, XL – rose petal or XXL rose petals. And of course as a natural noble bouquet of roses. Additional accessories for the day of love”are red heart locks, hanger and “Stand the LOVE letter”, as well as white butterflies, the proverbial butterflies in the stomach “symbolize. The carefully selected gifts in attractive packaging can be handed over, the range includes a large selection of wrapping paper, gift bags and cardboard boxes as well as loops, tapes and trailer for decorating. The day of love”speaks to the romantic side in each. Let’s talk hearts and roses, Valentine’s day is a celebration of emotions.

  • OneWay Class

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    The city on the western foothills of the Escambray mountains is historically and culturally significant. Times of the Cuban revolution drove dictator Batista in Santa Clara by the famous rebel leader Che Guevara. Some other attractions in Santa Clara, Che Guevara’s monument or the square in front of the tomb of Che Guevara, show the history of Cuba in the city is as present to the present day. The freedom fighters and the passion of Cuba are all equivalent. The university town in the heart of Cuba is very diverse: from colonial architecture, stunning parks up to the mountain landscape with Lake Hannabanilla. Customers can now already to a OneWay price from 399,99 EUR in economy class, from 499,99 EUR in premium economy class and 999.99 Euro fly in comfort class from Munich to Santa Clara.

    Here you can book direct flights from Munich to Santa Clara Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=MUC&destination=SNU Montego Bay, Jamaica so far has been to Montego Bay from Frankfurt is flying now a direct connection from South Germany available with Munich. Montego Bay is known for its popular beach resorts, doctor’s Cave and white sands. The city in the heart of the Gold Coast offers a variety of sports of all kinds. The domestic products in all over the world are exported from the port. Guests can get the pleasure of Jamaican bananas, coffee, rum or even oysters. Customers can fly 2013/14 Mondays 549,99 Euro in premium economy class and 1199,99 in comfort class in the winter from a OneWay price only 399,99 EUR in economy class, to Montego Bay. Condor flights can comfortably in all travel agencies, online at or call 01806 / 767767 (0.20 per call from a German landline, mobile max. 0,60 per call) are booked.

    Here, you can book direct flights from Munich to Montego Bay Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=MUC&destination=MBJ Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Every year fly 6.7 million passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. “Condor is the most popular airline of the Germans: in a survey to the satisfaction of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) in December 2012, Condor was test winner and very good as the only airline with the seal” rated. Since March 1, 2013 is the German airline Condor with the two airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium as Thomas Cook airline merged segment.

  • Castillo Televisa

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    The soap opera was a telenovelero boom perpetuated in time thanks to a series of conditions that rarely manage to collect in a SOAP Opera: an excellent history, two players delivered 100% and with a great chemistry facing the cameras, Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker oozed passion, romanticism, empathy with all the millions of viewers who followed the story of Sebastian Vallejoa coffee landowner educated abroad, impotent, sensual, tender and gull, a peasant woman of weapons taken, impulsive, passionate, with great sense of overcoming. After the successful participation in coffee wine proposal star in the telenovela Guajira near venezolana Sonya Smith, although I do not even remotely the same success, achieving impact in some countries like Mexico thanks to the indigenous theme played in the plot. These two productions practically opened the doors to Guy Ecker to enter Mexican television invited by the television station TV Azteca, but those decisions that are taken in life, the Brazilian reversed to last moment the determination to work with the grupo Salinas and agreed surrendered to the millionaires flirtations of the rival broadcaster Televisa, favoring a legal complaint for breach of contract in which Televisa pledge unconditional support, knowing that had in his hands a very popular, forged actor in Colombia and tremendous success would link it exclusively under their toldas, the diamond in the rough polishing in Colombia, was acquired for its exploitation by large television producer number one noted worldwide. In Televisa Guy Ecker has developed a career interesting, but in spite of his novels have been well receptadas inside the audience latino in United States, specific case of soap operas La lie next to Kate de el Castillo and Salome where she shared with Edith Gonzalez stellar credit, do not match the level histrionic that it reached in Colombia and some u actor otherwise known that recognize, it was rumorar that he was even willing to come to work in a Colombian telenovela uncollected salary, just for the pleasure of returning to come into contact with people and the stories and the style of work that one day catapulted it to stardom.

  • Ambient Marketing

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    2.3. Behavior of the consumer the consumers more are worried in consuming products of companies who prezam for the ambient support considering the natural conditions for the future generations, that is, that they raise ' ' sistmicas conditions according to which, with regional and planetary level, the activities human beings do not have to intervene with the cycles naturais.' ' (MANZINI & VEZZOLI, 2005, P. Jeffrey Hayzlett usually is spot on. 27). According to Underhill (1999), the biggest ignorance of the business men is centered in the unfamiliarity of who is its customers. In such a way one becomes basic to know the market and its requirements consuming. Further details can be found at Montauk Colony, an internet resource. With this new world-wide trend, coming back the looks toward our subsistence, the behavior and the human comprometimento with the natural resources it has increased e, from there, each time more, the formadores of opinion have acted in way to concientizar a number each bigger time of consumers.

    Amongst the formadores of opinion they are on public figures to the politics and the arts. The paper of these formadores of opinion is of utmost importance therefore, as well as Churchill and Peter (2000, P. 160) already had detected, ' ' the groups of reference are those groups of people who influence the thoughts, the feelings and the behaviors of consumidor' '. This new trend, that comes more increasing each time, deserves a considerate look on the part of the companies therefore, to consolidate itself in the market, is necessary to monitor, permanently, the behavior of purchase of the consumer. Being thus the companies most competitive, of eye in this new requirement of the market, it has come back its efforts to adjust its in agreement production the concepts of the support. Evidencing this new influence in the consuming market, and still, ahead of the legal requirements, the industries/companies had been directed to the support. Analyzing under the marketing optics, it had the necessity of the creation of a tool that it converted the investment into the attendance the legal requirements and into the continuous improvement of cleaner processes in profit and attainment of new markets: the Ambient Marketing.

  • League

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    You respetaras to your person as much as to your relationship respect is a condition that should never be lose in couple relationships. However, it seems to be an attitude that is conspicuous by its absence when we feel so obfuscated. The couple by their degree of proximity relationship is subject to a strong privacy, to cross the paths of privacy. For this reason, the proximity with respect is sometimes confused. Push the boundaries of respect.

    Cause or put in situations in which we know that our partner is very unthoughtful either, that uses the relationship to hurt us, does not seem a healthy way of understanding respect for oneself. First I respect my own person and I need to realize that situations I am willing to accept and what not. Definitely, there is no respect, which another can give us, yes I do not start by my. Respect is the recognition that something or someone is valuable. So if we consider that our partner is valuable because we show totally disrespectful acts by our partner, by ourselves and by the the relationship we have formed. Respect is the basis of moral and ethical condition of people’s lives. Respect has to do with the consideration, what so considered we are with ourselves, with our partner to the relationship that we live. In individual sense is that respect has to do with personal worth.

    With the care that we make for ourselves, the way in which we treat ourselves. In the sense of the couple, is the way in which we value to the couple, respect, have consideration and accept their different way of being and living the life. Respect is practiced. Respect is exercised. Respect is a personal decision. Respect not what can give us if we do not require it. Respect is denoted in environmentally friendly acts. Respect is also a value that is seen in the attitudes, feelings, thoughts, in the forms of communicating in our tone of voice, in the words that we use in the demands that we fan to another, the couple, ourselves. We sometimes confuse and We want us to respect, but we don’t do anything to make this happen, allow, give, tolerate and are even able to insult us at the slightest provocation. Disrespect does not show any value. How much do you respect? Worth reflecting at this point of the couple in our newsletter you can download complete, the book: the ten commandments of the life partner. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life if any of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. We also have electronic material where here more about this topic and how to overcome it. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship.

  • Program Source

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    Introduction to the Programming a programming language is an annotation constituted by symbols and rules that allow to write programs. All language is made up of its syntax and their semantics. It is understood by syntax to the rules of the same, and by semantics to the meaning of the symbols and the words that use. 1.1.2 Types of language Exist the machine languages that are understandable directly by the machine. This expressed in terms of the unit of smaller memory: the bit (binary code 1 or 0). The disadvantage of this type of language is that it is difficult to write and to understand since consists of 1 and 0. Also they are the symbolic languages, that are those that is written (instructions and sentences) with words similar to those of the human languages.

    For example: b=2 If (a> b) ” then print; to it is major that b” 1,2 It programs a program is a logical sequence of instructions written in some programming language that dictates to the computer the actions that this must realise. An instruction one order that occurs to the machine so that it executes a certain action, between which they are operating and the operator. Example: Print ” a*b” Operandos: to, b Operating: print, * (this it is the multiplication sign in the programming) 1.2.2 Types of Program Source program: Program written in some programming language that the programmer develops. Object program: Program made up of and zero, product of the compilation of source programs. 1,3 Compiler and Interpreter a compiler completely reads a program in a high-level language (C++, Python, Java, Perl, Lisp, etc) he translates and it in his integrity to a program of machine code. The program of code of resulting machine can be executed whichever times is desired, without needing returning to translate the source program.

  • Contracting Party

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    “Real” and “fake” terms and some lawyers have dealt with the topic of “real” and “fake” terms in clause control and created some solution suggestions. Since 2007, discussion takes place, which handle the reform means of the terms and conditions in business traffic. This involves mainly the content control of the general terms and conditions and the delineation of individual agreements. Currently still a major disagreement about the different legislative proposals affecting only the corporate legal relations, because the legal transactions between consumers and resulting legal uncertainties were resolved in 310 ABS. 3 BGB is satisfactory. The possibility and narrowing the substantive influence was recorded in this section the user terms and conditions directly in the text of the law. The corporate legal transactions, however, has some shortcomings and In relation to individual agreements on legal uncertainties which requires a change in the legislation according to the reformers.

    It is important to create a clear legal regulation which control subjects ‘real’ terms and conditions (unverhandelbare pre-formulated contract terms) despite the agreement of both parties to a terms and conditions. “Fake GTC”, however, are negotiable formulated draft of contract. This should be subject to control only the terms and conditions, if a Contracting Party unsuccessfully demands change. Thus considering, a Klarstellungs reform of the general terms and conditions-right should be considered to ensure the protection of the other party prior to unilateral shaping power of the user. Currently, the user terms and conditions has an excessive design power, while his party has no way to influence the content of the text of the Treaty.

    The general terms and conditions have a characteristic lack of contractual freedom. A Contracting Party can individual agreements on a test of general terms and conditions with high transaction costs is connected, do without, because he can rely on the legal control of the content. This content control therefore takes the place of the missing freedom of contract design, helps but in determining terms and conditions of individual agreements no further, because from an individual contract can only be talked, if the business partner can affect the substance of the contractual terms and conditions.

  • Wally Minto

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    Blaming third agents is an excellent excuse. But how to miss the opportunity to rant against the climate, the Government, the neighbor, the taxes, the Chief, the crisis, the spouse, parents, inflation, co-workers, children, social insurance, banks, television stations, politicians, drug trafficking, the insurance… Anything you can think of! All we have done it. And do you know why? Because it puts us in a very comfortable position to avoid Act and take responsibility for our life. To broaden your perception, visit Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Remember that in all our misfortune, we are comfortable! Wally Minto what wisdom there is in this sentence! If you you cannot decide to live self-motivated, will never be it, by more courses, books and therapies that you buy. Point.

    These are an excellent help and support in the process, but its effect will be temporary. Living self-motivated is the first step towards a life with purpose. ES say, live aligned with your purpose of life. Interested start to discover what you do here and now? What the for your life? Your time on Earth is about and how to get there? What a task that you have now if you want to live aligned with your purpose of life! Today you have the opportunity to take a big step to discover what is your purpose of life, and this being something so important, I invite you to stop doing what you’re doing now in addition to reading this article. Spend a few minutes to you! Answer the questions one by one, and make sure you explore as much as you can the possible responses to each one of them. Only until you are done answering a question exhaustively, it moves to the next. Write on a blank sheet which you retain close to you the following question and answer:.What I like to do? Probably seems obvious, and you’ve already answered this question in the past.

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