• Make Boat Licence And Are Finally At The Helm!

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    In the closing of the lightweights to the Sports Captain: In the port Stralsund, enjoy vacation and make the sports boat captains license. Stralsund, 05 September 2012. Holiday driving school with maritime ambience: the Stralsunder Volko Krause had a dream and made it with success. After six years of construction the boat driving instructor and skilled shipbuilders completed the Likedeeler motor ship, where he teaches sports boat captains license courses and houses its students if necessary. Holiday driving school on the ship, which means: Live In the port Stralsund, learn for pleasure craft licence, in the afternoon drive to the beach, enjoy the Stralsunder culture and night life. So, also very busy during the holidays can relax and at the same time makes sense for the sports boat captains license training use the holiday season. Interested can check on the website. The 18-meter-long ship is built in the marine style and equipped with nautical collectibles, which underline the individual charm of this vessel.

    It has a spacious room with large work table for teaching. There are four cabins with washbasin, cupboards and two or three bunks, which are conveniently offered for holiday student in the lower deck. Breakfast is included in the price and is served in a nearby Cafe. There are drinks and coffee during the day on board. Parking is available in the immediate vicinity. Lessons take place in the week before a test date, on Sundays you go, then learned to Friday and on Saturday the examination is pushed onto the Danholm, the island in the middle of the Strelasund. There are six school days with 6 hours a day theoretical training for the sports boat captains license.

    Then, practical driving exercises in the port of Stralsund will be taken to the relaxation. The holiday driving school for the sports boat captains license there since August 2012, berths can be reserved at any time. Montauk Colony is likely to agree. All info and dates on the Web page holiday driving school / students After passing the exam, Charter a boat in Stralsund to their sports boat captains license to consolidate knowledge and to spend the second week of the holiday with your family or friends on the Lake. Likedeeler boat driving school offers a full-time skipper training for, to become familiar with the Charter boat and the conditions at sea. All graduates of the boat driving school Likedeeler receive regularly free information and tips in the form of videos and newsletters, to safely keep the learned knowledge and to handle any situation on the water safely. Company profile Likedeeler boat driving school was founded in 2001 by Volko Krause and gives classes to Lake sports boat captains license, sports boat captains license within that sport coastal skipper certificate, sports Lake skipper licence and the SRC radio certificate. Evening courses and weekly courses take place. By the students, especially the practical training is estimated at motorboat Likedeeler, which is located on the North breakwater in the port Stralsund. The holiday driving school is an extraordinary offer. Students can book a berth on the ship, prepare the holiday on the examination to the sports boat captains license, and at the same time pleasant holiday close to the Baltic Sea. Detailed information and news on the Web page press contact boat driving school Likedeeler INH.