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  • The City

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    And you, who are you? ". I'm amazed how quiet it takes attitude, but still I answer politely, as I know, "Yo, my name Yosira. I'm a fairy from the forest of Vincennes. " His expression suddenly changed: "A fairy? How strange (again a very shocking cough). I did not think they were real. " "You are very ill, is not it?", Asked to confirm the veracity of my game. She does not answer. I try to talk to her, but I do not respond.

    I seek your face, which already has a few seconds to hide mine, but his eyes are closed. A terrible chill runs down my back. "There can be" I repeat to myself, if I arrived late. But in the end. You do not give more. I'd better retire. I go where I came. And I'm not looking back.

    For now, I think I need to rest. It was the worst experience I've had that feeling, and I would not repeat it anymore. I do not want to see death up close again. It has been too. I do not know where to go. I know the city at all. So the first instinct is to return to the wardrobe where I arrived the first time. Sure I'll be there for a while, which can reflect on these events. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Montauk Colony. By entering, you are darker than a few hours ago. I look and walk blindly through these huge, stinking things that humans use in the feet. And I find very strange rock: it has a definite shape, and is completely hollow. But nobody here will most likely find me.

  • Summer Doing Tourism

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    June is one of the best months to go on vacation to England since the weather is nice, the days are longer and also a lot of interesting events are held get something different! Pick up a map of England and begins the tour: first stop: Buckingham Palace, London in June the English celebrate the Queen’s birthday, but really your anniversary is in April, but if you investigate a little in the history of England you will find that since the times of Eduardo VII is celebrated this feast during the best time of June days. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jeffrey Hayzlett. The celebration consists of a spectacular parade of troops at Buckingham Palace chaired by the Queen and broadcast on nationwide television. If you decide to visit London this month informing you if your trip coincides with this special birthday. For athletes: Wimbledon Tennis tournament, London if you like sport give you the best excuse to visit England. 6 weeks before the first Monday in August is celebrated worldwide in Wimbledon, a small neighborhood most famous tennis tournament to the South London. The strangest thing that has this tournament is that fans of the English team lead waiting since 1936 for the victory of one of their athletes. If you can get tickets for the event you will be the luckiest person in England! Famous are the queues of people overnight to get some of the tickets that are put on sale.

    To begin the music: Glastonbury Festival, Somerset England music has marked whole chapters of world history, where better than in the country of the Beatles you can enjoy live music? The Glastonbury festival is celebrated for more than 3 decades, being its first edition the day after the death of Jimmy Hendrix. If you are going to spend your vacation in England takes to attend one of the numerous music festivals that are celebrated in the country throughout the year, but especially in summer. At full speed: great prize of Silverstone, Buckinghamshire in Buckinghamshire, a small town on the map of England, is home to one of the events most anticipated by lovers of the engine, the Grand Prix of Silverstone. You can not miss the opportunity to see Alonso win away from home. This award of Formula 1 is held in an old inactive airfield from World War II, and you can serve as an excuse to visit the cities of England more unknown. These are some of the plans with which you can start your summer. If you want more information about England don’t forget to go to their offices of tourism, also you can explore its online version.

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