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  • The City

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    And you, who are you? ". I'm amazed how quiet it takes attitude, but still I answer politely, as I know, "Yo, my name Yosira. I'm a fairy from the forest of Vincennes. " His expression suddenly changed: "A fairy? How strange (again a very shocking cough). I did not think they were real. " "You are very ill, is not it?", Asked to confirm the veracity of my game. She does not answer. I try to talk to her, but I do not respond.

    I seek your face, which already has a few seconds to hide mine, but his eyes are closed. A terrible chill runs down my back. "There can be" I repeat to myself, if I arrived late. But in the end. You do not give more. I'd better retire. I go where I came. And I'm not looking back.

    For now, I think I need to rest. It was the worst experience I've had that feeling, and I would not repeat it anymore. I do not want to see death up close again. It has been too. I do not know where to go. I know the city at all. So the first instinct is to return to the wardrobe where I arrived the first time. Sure I'll be there for a while, which can reflect on these events. By entering, you are darker than a few hours ago. I look and walk blindly through these huge, stinking things that humans use in the feet. And I find very strange rock: it has a definite shape, and is completely hollow. But nobody here will most likely find me.

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