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  • The Germ

    Date: 2012.12.23 | Category: General | Response: 0

    According to Halbwachs: ' ' the past (reverse speed) is remembered in the most diverse social groups. The germ of the personal memories must take in consideration the influence that on these the institutions exert sociais.' ' This is the boarded for Halbwachs and applied concept of collective memory in its studies on the memory. Let us see what the cited author says on this intricate relation of confrontation between collective memory and individual memory: ' ' Certainly, if our impression can not only be supported on our souvenir, but also on the one of the others, our confidence in the exactness of our mandate will be bigger, as if one same experience was recommenced, not only for the same person, but for vrias.' ' (Halbwachs, 1990, 25). As example of this relation of dependence between the two collated memories, thus the author says: ' ' when we find a friend of which the life separated in them, we have some difficulty, first, in retaking contact with it. But soon, when we evoke together diverse circumstances, that each one of us if remembers and that they are not more the same ones, despite they become related to the same events; we do not obtain putting in them to think and to remember in common, and the last facts do not have relief more the same, do not believe to reviver them with more intensity, because we are not more alone stops to represent them, we now see as them, we saw as them long ago, when we looked at them at the same time with our eyes and of one the other? ' ' (Halbwachs, 1990, 28). However, according to Halbwachs, our collective souvenirs remain e, them in are remembered by the others, exactly that if it deals with events in which we only let us stow involved, and with objects that we only saw.

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