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    Date: 2013.10.23 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The State of Israel is one of the few states where people are talking at least 15 different languages, these languages are spoken by much of the population. Among the most popular languages – Hebrew, Arabic, English and of course, the Russian language. In Israel, home to nearly half a million Russian-speaking people, one million of whom came here during the great wave of immigration of the nineties, and the rest arrived in the Seventies years or more in the prewar period. Since the number of Russian-speaking population in Israel is so large (about one-fifth of the total population), it is natural that some of the messages in the media information, publications, signs in stores, indexes, and including even the road signs on city streets will be in Russian. Russian-speaking Israelis who also have several Russian media channels, such as an Israeli tv channel in Russian, and several radio stations, many newspapers, news, and weekly magazines are sold at kiosks or given away for free. This phenomenon could not touch, and Israeli Internet, a large number of sites and portals in Russian appeared in recent years and their number continues to grow like mushrooms after rain. Many Russian-speaking Israelis prefer to read news of Israel in Russian, not in Hebrew, buy theater tickets for shows in their native language and search in Google Yandex'e or kindergarten where they will teach their kids the Russian language. Russian-speaking Israelis also visit sites in Russia and Ukraine, but to read the latest news from Israel and to obtain reliable information, they have traditionally favored the Israeli web – sites.

    For this purpose, there are two types of sites – Israeli site in Hebrew that have full-fledged Russian version and independent Russian websites that do not have a version in Hebrew. Besides Russian news websites can be divided into a number of categories, pure news site with news about Israel and the global news, the big portals with a large number of sections, such as culture, leisure, community and, of course, the tape with the latest news. The latter type is the satellite sites of major companies that own newspapers or tv channels. On their website you can usually read the last number printed publication or watch the live broadcast of the channel. It seemed that a Russian website in Israel at this time reached its peak, but it may be, Over time, this phenomenon gradually disappears, as the younger generation consciously or unconsciously detached from their own Russian roots and looks, reads and listens only in Hebrew.

  • Maintenance

    Date: 2013.10.16 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Stability of the vehicle is on to the pressure. One sends regards that the calibragem of the tires is made the cold, in other words, when the 3 automobile did not twirl more than 2 or km, to the reduced speed, or in the case to be motionless to one hour, at least. It places two pounds more than the desired one if the tire will be hot. To the being necessary to adjust the pressures with hot tires, it respects the differences of the pressures between axles, it does not remove the air of inside of it, increases 4 PSI (0,3 BAR) to the pressures between axles and, as soon as it will have chance, it verifies them with the cold tire. The Nitrogen backwards some benefits, as the lesser loss of pressure, since this air not migra with easiness through the rubber. As such gas it is not become enlarged with the heat, the calibragem can in such a way be made hot how much the cold, without many variations of pressure. It makes maintenance, contrary case loses its effect. It is important to verify if the valves of the tires are dried up, thus preventing loss of pressure.

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