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  • Maza Zavala

    Date: 2013.07.03 | Category: General | Response: 0

    He immediately adds that if the Government restricts the amount of currencies provided by Cadivi to 2.15 bolivars, will increase imports which are carried out with the type of parallel change, which has a much higher than the official price. If you opt for devalued the official exchange rate, the effect would be the same; in other words, imports with a more expensive dollar. In this context, the average exchange rate that are performed transactions external will increase and that’s a devaluation that has impact on prices. Position and opinion of Dr. Maza Zavala and others. Seriously concerned that manifest the former director of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Domingo Maza Zavala which are expected a 42 per cent increase in the salaries of senior officials of the Government, in moments where talked of austerity in public spending in the national budget for 2009.

    It highlights that the authorities should seek efficiency in government management. It is not necessary nor as priority to build new hospitals and schools, the important thing at the moment is that existing hospitals work and are well attended, that doctors are well paid; that schools are properly installed and that the teachers are well paid; because Venezuelans are apparently the worst paid among all Cuban personnel who is providing service in the country. Adds Dr. Zavala, who before the global financial crisis the national Government should rectify the national budget for the coming year. points out that the budget for the year 2009 should be a reflection of the will of rectification and reorganization of finance that the Government must show to the concrete and imminent possibility of that the international financial crisis, which surely will become economic recession, is imposed on countries such as Venezuela.Another aspect that cannot be ignored, is as Dr. Zavala, remember it is in relation to the construction of 12 thousand 500 new houses that are covered in the 2009 budget and its realization would be conditional on the creation of socialist cities, Domingo Maza Zavala said that cities are not Socialists in yes same, socialism exists in the way of produce, distributeExchange and live and that can not be created from night to morning, does not imply simply the desire to do so but all a historical process when conditions objective and subjective so determined it but not by will of a ruler or a regime.

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