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  • Area Use

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    Such boarding tends to integrate characteristics of the economic, physicist-space and communitarian traditions. Coast (2002) affirms that the tourist and ambient planning requires the use of diverse instruments of handling, as establishment of zones and creation of action plans and the constant evaluation of the ocorrentes activities in each area. In the natural areas proteges, it is necessary to plan and to calculate the load capacity of the tourist places. In the case of the Area of Ambient Protection, to carry through zonings (that is, to fix the form of use of the ground), as well as adopting politics for protection of the environment allied to the development of the tourism. The tourism will only guarantee the protection of the natural resources if planned in conscientious and sustainable way for the governmental bodies. The elaboration of responsible public politics is important to reach proportionate the economic and social development for the tourism beyond the preservation of the natural environment.

    2,3 Politics of Preservation and Conservation in the city of So Paulo the legislation that makes use on preservation and the conservation of the environment in the city of So Paulo, as well as the public politics is relatively recent. The first municipal law date of 1981, and says respect on the parcelamento of the ground of the city of So Paulo, that is, they are lines of direction for the legal use of the ground of the city. Since the decade of eighty until the current days, enough decrees or laws for the protection of the environment had not been created. Currently the responsible agencies if strengthen in the attempt to recoup the little that remains of natural vegetation 10 and search new alternatives of development to contribute for the reduction of the ambient degradation and pollution of the environment. The APA Capivari-Monos, according to proper city hall, was about a total unknown area of the city, exactly occupying one sixth of the territory of the city.

  • Russian Antarctic Expedition

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    This year, on the southern continent is expected invasion of the whole of scientists. The structure has already begun the work of the 54th Russian Antarctic Expedition, comprised of leading members of academic institutions – microbiology, paleontology, Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Together with Russian scientists alongside eleven specialists will work NASA. Representatives of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute on this occasion said that in the so-called oasis Ponds are lakes, which are regarded as excellent proving ground for testing of future technologies. And in particular search technology extraterrestrial living organisms on planets of the universe with the help of special robots.

    In this year should resume drilling Lake Vostok, which is believed to scientists, can live the simplest living beings. Have you ever had such a heightened interest in the ice continent, when specialists from different countries, though agreement, as if waiting on the sixth continent a miracle? It is not excluded that their hopes will come true. Only the opening may follow a completely different plan – perhaps that will shed light on one of the most intriguing puzzles recent past – the Nazi plan to move in Antarctica. The fact that such plans exist, suggest unusual instruments at the disposal of Itogi. Tibetan trail was opened in Antarctica far in 1820. However, her first system and in-depth study has begun only a century later. And most interested researchers of the ice continent were the representatives of Nazi Germany. In 1938-1939 the Germans fitted out to the continent two powerful expedition.

  • A Thousand And Two Hundred Young Will Be Participating Of The Project Young Apprentice In Serrinha? BA

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    BA will be carried through in days 28/01 and 29/01 in the AABB a preparatory course for that they want to enter the careers: of Recepcionista in Medical Clinics, Administrative Assistant, To assist of Secretaryship and Techniques in Sales. With the accomplishment of the Good Association Hope and Organization Space Educational Institute under the direction of Lourival Saints. The syndicalist, broadcaster and arbitrational judge Carlos Miranda Rasp Son anger to gain three lectures in day 29/01, to the 9:40; to the 15:40 and the 20:40 for three groups when he says on right of the work, previdencirios and guarantees constitutional. Miranda said that the event is of the biggest importance to point out youth how much the work possibilities. The meeting happens in the three turns will be participating palestrantes of Fair of Santana and Salvador beyond the team of professors of the Consultoria Space. A thousand and two hundred people already had confirmed the participation not existing> more vacant. The project will be taken for other cities of the Bahia and even of other states, being a serrinhense initiative in search of the development. When the people wants the people makes, depends on somebody that he stimulates.

  • Pink Jesus Freitas Teacher

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    Finishing the task, using black pencil number two, white rubber, pencil of color and wax chalk, the child will have to make the drawing of its teacher and its school. The drawings also will be made in the leaf of number twenty and one. 23 DAY: ‘ helps the children to complete the phrase; ‘ I study in ____’ ‘. He delivers a sheet of paper A4 (of yellow color) for each child. The sheet of paper A4 teaches them to make it a school using. After ready, the folding forming the school will have be glue with white glue in the leaf of number twenty and two. To finish the task, the child will draw a door and four windows in the school, having used pencil of color and wax chalk. 2.10.

    TEAMS AND PARTNERSHIPS Managing of the Humanitarian Foundation Eurpedes Barsanulfo: Irene de Pink Jesus Freitas Teacher responsible regent for the group: Appeared Cacilda Hisses Trainee: Appeared Slvia of Souza Birth

  • States Government

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    The percentage of expenses, for example, arrives 15% of the foreseen total. This only happens because the official data leave of are the workmanships of sanitation and habitation. According to it gives of the Civil House the execution depends on partnerships with States and cities and therefore it would not serve as a good pointer of the course of the program. These excluded workmanships propositalmente will demand R$119,6 billions. The majority (75% of the ones of sanitation and 88% of the ones of habitation) finishes to be initiated. According to it, that it isentou governing and mayors of the responsibility for delays, the workmanships had been contracted in 2008. The government also overestimates the workmanships concluded, that would be 14% of the foreseen one. Concluded workmanships are those where the participation of the government in the process already was locked in.

    Thus, if a highway is granted to the private initiative, is considered finished for the government. Between the workmanships that are with adjusted rhythm, it is the hydroelectric plant of Jirau, in the river Wood (RO). The ambient license for the construction of the plant was granted only yesterday at night, but the difficulty to get the document was not enough to change the classification of the workmanship. If the CAP will be evaluated considering alone the Budget of the Union, what it is observed is that the outlays are slow. The budget of R$ 20,5 billion 2009, had only left the box of government R$ 3,8 billion until the May end. Since the launching of the program, the government paid to R$ 22,5 billion, money that is equivalent more than the two times little the budget of the Famlia.Para Stock market to demonstrate that the budgetary release is satisfactory, the minister of the Planning, Bernardine Pablo, presented new countable methodology. Although the government to have pay alone 3.4% of the R$20,5 billions foreseen for this year, it pointed growth of the payment accumulated since 2007. In 28 months they would have been quit R$22,5 billions, high of 114% in relation to the R$10,5 paid billions between January of 2007 and May of 2008.

    Dilma If you have that to justify she is because already lost the quarrel. What we see to each presentation of results of the CAP is excuses and explanations concerning the delayed rhythm of the workmanships. To mine to see, this quarrel the government already lost. BibliografiJornal Braziliense Post office of 04 of June of 2009 Periodical the Globe of 04 of June of 2009 Periodical Leaf of S. Pablo of 04 of June of 2009>

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