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  • Charles Taylor

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    What keeps this multiplicity of themselves in a certain relationship of mutual belonging is the common project that keeps them together, but once that project is gone no one can speak of a self that is identified with the person as a whole. The project of a person’s life is, then, what allows us to speak of the person as a whole. It is recalling to Charles Taylor, the orientation of the person, their values as principles the action guide which gives coherence to the life story of that person and unit to the multiplicity of roles which is involved its self. And this, we must not forget, has to have a further function as It is the permit the individual to deal effectively with its surroundings, in the words of the evolutionary psychologist I could no doubt be made of many sub-themselves separate, but these if themselves have come to belong to the same if I am because they are involved in one and the same company: the company of guide me – body and soul–through the physical and social world. (Humphrey, 2009, 101). From the point of view of the development of the individual, the self is not innate in person because it is not, for example, that a baby is a life project.

    Even if that baby is able to differentiate themselves from others and assume a variety of roles with others who reported some use in particular situations, the truth is that until a life project to build not consciously, this multiplicity of themselves that is do not constitute an auto-constituido human being. (Cf. Humphrey, 2009, 103) In other words, he has not reached yet be the conductor of the Orchestra that is his life. Returning to the question of whether there is someone moving the threads of the story that apparently we are, Kessel et to the.

  • Performance Work

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    SUMMARY: If we to consider the roleof inspector supervisor and school, the uses of new communication technologiesand information becomes essential in the work that they develop at the school. These professionals, until recently, were called ‘ ‘ specialists’ ‘ methods of educational organization of work aiming at, amongothers, an intentional act of civic education. The new learning tools can befound in creative and innovative uses of technology, in way you contribute tothe materialization of the pedagogic practice. To computer network, besidestechnology that gives access you the information and allows them available, itis also communication technology makes it possible will be people being present inthe lives of each to other, independently of the distance between them. In theperformance of the inspector supervisor and of schools isn' t different and canhelp them you develop works and pedagogic orientations at the distance. But, forthat it is done necessary the updating them will be the technological resources ofinformation will be them they can make uses in the sense you allow the developmentand performance of to their duties at school, lives efficiently and with quality. KEYWORDS: Technology – Supervisor – Inspector – Performance – Training – Learning INTRODUCTION This article is based on the accompaniment of the work of the supervisor and pertaining to school doinspetor, in the educational field, come back toward the use of the ferramentaspedaggicas.

    It stops that ' ' especialistas' ' of the education, as much the supervisor quantoo pertaining to school overseer, can integrate the computer to the process deensino-learning is necessary to give to conditions to the secretaries, directors eprofessores stimulating to use them it and to dominate resources computational e, still, as to identify when and as to use them. The Law 9394/1996 of Lines of direction and abrecaminhos Bases of the Brazilian Education for innovations. It does not compel nor guarantees, but it facilitates to the prticasinovadoras of the educators worried about the level of displacement between oscurrculos and the reality of the educandos, the problems of our country, of the world eda proper existence.

  • The Internet

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    On-line marketing – To take off the maximum advantage of the canals of marketing on-line requires specialized techniques as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Otimizao de Mdia Social (SMO), email Marketing and other more to arrive at its customers. 6. Budget of Expenditure – This includes details of as to control the expenditures month the month and to follow with its plan of action. 7. Return on Investimento (ROI) – Businesses soimpulsionados for ROI and is natural that the efforts of the marketing on-linefaam to raise in a ROI positive definitive for the pointers dedesempenho. 8. Research – feedback Gets or other dosvisitantes submissions of the site, know which products had bought or as aexperincia sailing inside of its web site was.

    The Internet presents a great variety of oportunidadescomerciais and communication for each business. To make with that essaspossibilidades become reality demands a careful planning, careful evaluation and directed focus. Very important Web design for the search engines. Dirty code – the dirty excess decdigo or badly programmed hinders that the search engines rastreiemas its pages. If the robots not to track its pages correctly to erecuperar all the data that they need, the search engines will nopodero to classify them correctly. More efficient methods exist to attract its customers for its sitealm of the search engines.

    PPC is excellent to whiten customers potenciaisem each phase of the cycle of purchases and is measurable. Studies show that regular ocontato with the customers helps to keep its good relacionamentoe finishes generating future businesses. Many companies consider the publicidadena Internet one viable technique to benefit to its business online. Acapacidade to direct was one of the main things that have atradopessoas for the Internet. The possibilities of business for the Internet are fantastic, still hmuito potential there and everything that you have to make is to have estratgiaintegrada or a plan so that this happens.

  • Replacement

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    This project makes possible that the classroom if transforms into a workshop and the pupils in craftsmen of texts, providing to the educandos an immersion in the world of the reading, guaranteeing that all are expressed and been able to present with dynamism: dramatizando, telling, presenting teatrais, producing and presenting texts of informative character, journalistic, scientific parts, culinrias prescriptions, manual of instruction, etc. All will be defied to search and to produce its proper texts, in groups, using the different forms of organization literal in accordance with the especificidades of the literature of literary texts and not? literary. It will be of basic importance to work this project, because it will go to provide to the educandos an immersion in the world of the popular culture, reading and writing of texts with denotativa and conotativa language or not-literary and literary text, offering conditions so that it if becomes a laboratory of practical theory effectively and, using always of innovations in the form to present the productions. For this it will be used of verbal presentations, dramatizaes, declamations of poetries, presentation of journalistic, scientific texts or of informative matrix, at last, with much dynamism and creativity, without losing of sight the main objective that is to surpass the difficulties in the reading and the writing.

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