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  • Latin America

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    It is, he adds, make sure that Google does not have those licenses and do so more expensive Android device for phone manufacturers and therefore for consumers, even at the risk of creating a bubble of patents. The same article mentions that if the Department of Justice, intervened to protect competition and innovation in the open source software community. More reasons to buy Motorola responsible for communication from Google he also noted that the mobile phone will be increasingly the device chosen by the people to access the Internet and that, therefore, there is a good reason for Google put a foot in that area. That’s not going to mean, he stressed, a change in the business of Google, which will continue to be associated with the traffic in internet advertising, do not sell phones or operating systems. Nor will bring a change in the model of Android, very different from those of Apple and Microsoft. Google gives its open source operating system. The basis of the success of Android is that it is good and does not cost anything to manufacturers of mobile devices, he stressed. In addition Arebalos announced that Motorola is going to operate as a fully independent unit within the Group and will have good phones so far.

    The change will notice in that it will have more cute phones or that you like most, he added. The global penetration of smart phones is 25%, but in Latin America, basically in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, is in a 7% or 8%, according to Arebalos. After pointing out that advertising remains the fundamental business of Google, Arebalos said that so far Google has not noticed a decline in advertising investment because of the turbulence and uncertainty prevailing in the markets in Latin America. Plans that are made in the medium and long term are growing, he said. Source of the news: Google denies that buy Motorola only to protect against “attacks” by Microsoft

  • Consumer Part III

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    The Neurocincia, the Free Will and the Attempts of Persuasion to the Consumer At the beginning of the quarrel on neurocincia it demonstrates that our biology has an enormous impact on the taking of decision and action, suggesting that the same it can be outside of our morality and ability. Implicit to this belief it is that to know that parts of our brain are stimulated and can disclose the nature of the resultant behaviors. Also if it observed previously, the technology necessary to create visual representations and dynamics of such processes, that is if developing quickly, and the portable machines soon will be available for use of researchers and people of the area of. This equipment can allow the monitorizao of the consumers, with or without its knowledge, permission, or understanding. This ' ' admirable world novo' ' it excites the question how much to the responsibilities adjusted between the consumers and the professionals who they look for to influence its beliefs, feelings and behaviors. Between the philosophers, opinion differences exist on the nature and the priority of the human being.

    In a extremity of the specter they are the scholars that they believe that all the beings livings creature are similar, with some having some distinctive traces, but still operates for instinct (Flanagan 2002). Other researchers who cross the borders between science and ethics recognize that primordial the genetic factors are still they believe our capacity to be beings above of biology. Successive generation of studious it analyzed diverse aspects of the construction, many times suggesting that our guilt in situations is dependent to make conscientious choices between the variety of available options and being acted voluntarily. As consequence, the free will supplies a base on which the people have looked for to differentiate ones of the others and that they exert on its lives have a true importance.

  • Vibratory Frontiers

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    Here is a small demonstration that human science, in spite of the worthy efforts of so many self-sacrificing idealists, is still in the beginning of his great career, despite the incredible progress that us has risen: glare of some of its most important figures before the restricted part of the material universe that sees. However, and before the immensity that currency not yet what not discovered? Not speak here only of the physical universe, with its galaxies, that is something really astonishing that: only the-Milky, of which we are part, encompasses billions of stars your greatness is incredible! And more powerful telescopes, radio telescopes, reaches only a fraction of this physical universe. Humans and even the Invisibles of reasonable spiritual elevation are nonetheless fascinated, quite rightly and extension that still not examined? Here is the watermark: when we asked for what they lack clean, we are not refriendo us only to the material composition of celestial bodies that wander through the space: such enormity that older scientists not failed, so far, investigate or even see at all. We also talked about the universe Invisible, ultradimensional, that inhabit the spirits, which, at the stage of evolution of modern humanity, cannot be registered by somatic eyes or are considered by the Earth science, largely. And what is surprising, nor by some religious who preach the eternal life in heaven and which does not reveal where however, is when various pioneers begin to analyse and study the possible dimensions in which the spirits inhabit, some seek to despise his work. In truth, they fear moving in the direction marked by the precursors. In some ways, is as in the fable of Aesop: Vulpem et uvam * 1. Herbert Spencer was right when defined that there is a principle that is used as a barrier against any information as evidence against any kind of argument.

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