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    You respetaras to your person as much as to your relationship respect is a condition that should never be lose in couple relationships. However, it seems to be an attitude that is conspicuous by its absence when we feel so obfuscated. The couple by their degree of proximity relationship is subject to a strong privacy, to cross the paths of privacy. For this reason, the proximity with respect is sometimes confused. Push the boundaries of respect.

    Cause or put in situations in which we know that our partner is very unthoughtful either, that uses the relationship to hurt us, does not seem a healthy way of understanding respect for oneself. First I respect my own person and I need to realize that situations I am willing to accept and what not. Definitely, there is no respect, which another can give us, yes I do not start by my. Respect is the recognition that something or someone is valuable. So if we consider that our partner is valuable because we show totally disrespectful acts by our partner, by ourselves and by the the relationship we have formed. Respect is the basis of moral and ethical condition of people’s lives. Respect has to do with the consideration, what so considered we are with ourselves, with our partner to the relationship that we live. In individual sense is that respect has to do with personal worth.

    With the care that we make for ourselves, the way in which we treat ourselves. In the sense of the couple, is the way in which we value to the couple, respect, have consideration and accept their different way of being and living the life. Respect is practiced. Respect is exercised. Respect is a personal decision. Respect not what can give us if we do not require it. Respect is denoted in environmentally friendly acts. Respect is also a value that is seen in the attitudes, feelings, thoughts, in the forms of communicating in our tone of voice, in the words that we use in the demands that we fan to another, the couple, ourselves. We sometimes confuse and We want us to respect, but we don’t do anything to make this happen, allow, give, tolerate and are even able to insult us at the slightest provocation. Disrespect does not show any value. How much do you respect? Worth reflecting at this point of the couple in our newsletter you can download complete, the book: the ten commandments of the life partner. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life if any of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. We also have electronic material where here more about this topic and how to overcome it. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship.