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    The soap opera was a telenovelero boom perpetuated in time thanks to a series of conditions that rarely manage to collect in a SOAP Opera: an excellent history, two players delivered 100% and with a great chemistry facing the cameras, Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker oozed passion, romanticism, empathy with all the millions of viewers who followed the story of Sebastian Vallejoa coffee landowner educated abroad, impotent, sensual, tender and gull, a peasant woman of weapons taken, impulsive, passionate, with great sense of overcoming. After the successful participation in coffee wine proposal star in the telenovela Guajira near venezolana Sonya Smith, although I do not even remotely the same success, achieving impact in some countries like Mexico thanks to the indigenous theme played in the plot. These two productions practically opened the doors to Guy Ecker to enter Mexican television invited by the television station TV Azteca, but those decisions that are taken in life, the Brazilian reversed to last moment the determination to work with the grupo Salinas and agreed surrendered to the millionaires flirtations of the rival broadcaster Televisa, favoring a legal complaint for breach of contract in which Televisa pledge unconditional support, knowing that had in his hands a very popular, forged actor in Colombia and tremendous success would link it exclusively under their toldas, the diamond in the rough polishing in Colombia, was acquired for its exploitation by large television producer number one noted worldwide. In Televisa Guy Ecker has developed a career interesting, but in spite of his novels have been well receptadas inside the audience latino in United States, specific case of soap operas La lie next to Kate de el Castillo and Salome where she shared with Edith Gonzalez stellar credit, do not match the level histrionic that it reached in Colombia and some u actor otherwise known that recognize, it was rumorar that he was even willing to come to work in a Colombian telenovela uncollected salary, just for the pleasure of returning to come into contact with people and the stories and the style of work that one day catapulted it to stardom.