• The People

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    You can choose the site where you’ll sit and will have time to chat quietly with one of the organizers. 2 Identifies to the people with whom you want to talk. View mentally preparing the itinerary of people who will carry out. In case of not knowing anyone, asks the own organisers by attendees. It is likely that they can provide you enough information so that you can get an idea about what people you know. 3 Leverages known so that you submit to other people.

    You take hold of those people that you already know that you introduce to others and facilitate contacts. 4 Distributes your time consistently. Avoid the temptation to stay talking all the time with your friends. It can be very pleasant, but it is not the purpose of the meeting. Chat with everyone but you don’t hit you none. 5 Acts in a relaxed way. You’re in a meeting, meeting people, feeling at ease and trying to make contacts.

    It is not time to go crazy and become a killer in relationships. Acts calmly, without any pressure and without trying to be someone you’re not. The best formula to appeal to people is displayed as is. No trap or carton. 6 Displays your friendly face. It tries to be as pleasant as possible. Smile extends life and makes friends. Smile naturally as much as possible. You do not force it because it would be false, but tries to maintain that positive attitude and pleasant throughout the meeting and the smile will appear naturally in your face. 7 Listening, listening, listening. Love to people talking about their lives, projects, passions, and they feel happy when they perceive that you pay attention. Give them all the time and attention that they deserve and will thank you for your interest. 8 Ten prepared the questions of survival.