• Linkin Park

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    Created for the friends Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson, Linkin Park is a band of rock of California, United States. Created in 1996, the band was famous in 2000 for the mixture of hip-hop, electronic music and heavy guitars. Currently also they are part of the band Chester Bennington (vocal and guitar), Phoenix (low), Rob Bourdon (battery) and Joe Hahn (DJ). In the start of the career the band called Xero, but when Chester assumed the vocal one of the band, them they had opted to the name ' ' Hybrid Theory' '. The entrance of the singer in the band was basic so that they developed a proper style, opening doors for the beginning of the professional career. However for questions judicial, them they had had that to opt to another name and inhaled in an outlying area of California, &#039 appeared the name; ' Linkin Park' '.

    The boys knew of the potential of the band, and wanted to become professionals. They assayed with frequency and had recorded an album demon to give start in the career. Through very work and some CDs sent for different recorders, them they had obtained a contract with the Warner Music. In the year of 2000, Linkin Park launched its first official album. The heading could not be another one, ' ' Hybrid Theory' ' , one forms to use the name that they had opted originally. Some musics of this album had gotten success in U.S.A., however it was with ' ' In the End' ' that they had projected the band internationally. In 2002 Linkin Park if became the preferred band of young of the entire planet. At this time when they already were a sales phenomenon, the album was announced as, that would be launched in the following year.

    With unknown musics, ' ' Meteora' ' it vendeu incredible 800 a thousand copies in its week of estria. Some singles as famosssimo ' ' Breakin the Habit' ' they had obtained to reach the first place of the Billboard. Celebrities for the good mixture of hip hop with rock, in 2004, they had joined it rapper Jay-Z to launch ' ' Collision Course' '. This partnership with Jay-Z generated clips and one turn of success. However problems with Warner Music recorder had delayed launching of the third album of studio of the band, launched only in 2007. ' ' You draft the Midnight' ' the band to the top of the Billboard relieved again and a participation in the sonorous track of the film ' ' Transformers' '. The next album to Linkin Park will be launched in 14 of September of 2010 with the name of ' ' The Thousand Suns' '. the Brazilians can count on a show of the band, them had confirmed the presence in festival SWU in October. Then for you that it goes to the show of them, catches all the letters of music of Linkin Park and prepares the voice to cry out together, nor that the refres are alone.