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  • Rio Grande

    Date: 2017.06.19 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Corona still executed two figures, that support the drawn one of the building of the house of Spain. Showing the feies of the white and the aboriginal, it intended to give continuity to tradition to use the subject to show the union of the two etnias. In all its life as sculptor, looked for, together with other legal ones as Zambelli, Gaudenzi and its father Jesus Corona, to prevent the orders and the dependence that they caused in its artistic and professional activities. The works of Corona had remained entailed to the academicista formalism and the concept of sculpture as reproduction of natureza’ ‘. Innumerable legal works had been carried through in some public building, churches, institutions, in celebrativos monuments to the heroes gauchos, who in today show until the set of workmanships of basic importance for the study of the history of the culture river-grandense to them.

    Corona was one of the few sculptors of the time that dared to move, participating of groups of intellectuals and artists whom they looked to organize events and expositions of art, aiming at to the valuation of the sculpture and of the art produced here. It carried through illustration of magazines and publications that they intended to sanction the creation of workmanships of art in our way. Exactly acting as artist Fernando Corona also was formador of sculptors, that marked the trajectory of many talentos of the art that they had blunted in the Rio Grande Do Sul, in the half of century XX. Antonio Caringi and Fernando Corona had been, without shade of doubts, two masters who had initiated and guaranteed the escultrica diffusion in the Rio Grande Do Sul, modifying in deep way its ways of influence, and certain way reacting on the traditional forms of art that if applied at the time.

  • Intelligence Pupil

    Date: 2015.09.20 | Category: General | Response: 0

    ' ' The education is not scrumbled to the technique, but education without it does not become. To use computers in the education, in place to reduce can expand the capacity of our boys and girls, depend on who usa' '. (FREIRE: apud. ALMEIDA, 2000, P. 54). The pupil searchs information in some ways, but he is in the school that this information must be transmitted with efficiency, Pablo Freire (1979, apud MARIA ELIZABETH ALMEIDA; 2000 p.53) affirms: That the pupil must construct its proper knowledge without if worrying in repassing ready concepts, what frequent occurs in practical the traditional one, that a passive being makes of the pupil, in who if they deposit the knowledge to create a bank of answers in its mind.

    To to transmit knowledge, the professor beyond using some technologies, must always take in account the knowledge that educating already possesss. For Piaget (1972, apud MARIA ELIZABTH ALMEIDA, 2000, p.58): ' ' The knowledge is not transmitido' '. ' ' It is gradually constructed by means of action and coordination of actions, that are interiorizadas and if transformam' '. ' ' Intelligence appears of a evolutivo process in wanted many factors to them must have time to find its equilbrio' '. The current challenge of the professors and parents is to repass which the values that involve the use of the computer, plagiarism of pertaining to school works, the infraction of copyrights, piracy, exposition of children and adolescents in the Internet. For this reason the educational process is basic to extend horizontes and to the stimulaton of the creativity that has that to be inside of ethical and legal limits in the use of the Internet. In the pedagogical magazine Patio (2007, p.30) and who must teach this: ' ' A good parcel of the responsibility it fits to the school and to the professor, even though today it is the educational environment that the pupil has contact with the use of tecnologia' '.

  • Engineering Risks

    Date: 2014.03.26 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Presentation of Risks of Engineering In a country where the economy has its propeller spring in the development of the industry of the civil construction, is necessary that the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors that they act in this segment, if protect against possible accidents that they can occur during the execution of its projects of civil workmanships, are of small or of great transport. A Safe from policy of Risks of Engineering, the tranquillity to the insured, either it constructor, mounter or the owner of the workmanship, when guaranteeing the payment of indemnity damage of them, caused material damageses to the proper workmanship, during its execution. For having a Civil Engineer as partner, the Merit has conditions to structuralize a policy of Risks of Engineering, with coverings and insured importncias adjusted to the type of construction object of the act of contract of the insurance. Read more here: PEMCO. This means, that beyond optimum cost/benefit, in the hour to contract, the Merit has wide experience in the liquidation of accidents. This if must to the fact that the Merit has as norm, to follow the development of the execution of the insured workmanship. This insurance is destined the companies of civil construction or proprietors of workmanships, having guaranteed the actual damages the residences, vertical residential and commercial buildings of characteristic, shopping, industrial hotels, hospitals, buildings, that is all civil construction in the construction phase, protecting the Insured against the risks related with the construction projects, initiated workmanships, temporary magnifyings, reforms, structures..

  • Linkin Park

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    Created for the friends Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson, Linkin Park is a band of rock of California, United States. Created in 1996, the band was famous in 2000 for the mixture of hip-hop, electronic music and heavy guitars. Currently also they are part of the band Chester Bennington (vocal and guitar), Phoenix (low), Rob Bourdon (battery) and Joe Hahn (DJ). In the start of the career the band called Xero, but when Chester assumed the vocal one of the band, them they had opted to the name ' ' Hybrid Theory' '. The entrance of the singer in the band was basic so that they developed a proper style, opening doors for the beginning of the professional career. However for questions judicial, them they had had that to opt to another name and inhaled in an outlying area of California, &#039 appeared the name; ' Linkin Park' '.

    The boys knew of the potential of the band, and wanted to become professionals. They assayed with frequency and had recorded an album demon to give start in the career. Through very work and some CDs sent for different recorders, them they had obtained a contract with the Warner Music. In the year of 2000, Linkin Park launched its first official album. The heading could not be another one, ' ' Hybrid Theory' ' , one forms to use the name that they had opted originally. Some musics of this album had gotten success in U.S.A., however it was with ' ' In the End' ' that they had projected the band internationally. In 2002 Linkin Park if became the preferred band of young of the entire planet. At this time when they already were a sales phenomenon, the album was announced as, that would be launched in the following year.

    With unknown musics, ' ' Meteora' ' it vendeu incredible 800 a thousand copies in its week of estria. Some singles as famosssimo ' ' Breakin the Habit' ' they had obtained to reach the first place of the Billboard. Celebrities for the good mixture of hip hop with rock, in 2004, they had joined it rapper Jay-Z to launch ' ' Collision Course' '. This partnership with Jay-Z generated clips and one turn of success. However problems with Warner Music recorder had delayed launching of the third album of studio of the band, launched only in 2007. ' ' You draft the Midnight' ' the band to the top of the Billboard relieved again and a participation in the sonorous track of the film ' ' Transformers' '. The next album to Linkin Park will be launched in 14 of September of 2010 with the name of ' ' The Thousand Suns' '. the Brazilians can count on a show of the band, them had confirmed the presence in festival SWU in October. Then for you that it goes to the show of them, catches all the letters of music of Linkin Park and prepares the voice to cry out together, nor that the refres are alone.

  • Medieval Architecture

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    Of this form the decoration subordinates it the lighting system. The author compares the romantic architecture with the gtica architecture, affirming that while in the romantic cathedral the light penetrates for very small openings in high of the construction, originating a great contrast of light and shade, in the gticas cathedrals, in turn, the more structural walls is not torn by vitrais that introduce in the history of the architecture a luminosity until then unknown. Electron research does not necessarily agree. In the gtica architecture, an evolution in the lived deeply constructive techniques could be observed until then. Mascar (2005) affirms that in middle of the century would trace it was invented it for windows, one innovative technique that allowed construction of bigger aesthetic beautiful windows of what until then used in the medieval constructions, thus allowing the emblematic use of the illumination. say. The period is marked by the integration between the architecture and the illumination, having represented values that structuralized that reality and capable to produce signs emblematic of these values. Still according to author, the medieval illumination was capable to create an environment of supreme solemnity, mainly being about the gticos buildings. The characteristic illumination of the gtico is something solemn, where the illumination of spaces was not projected to take care of to the necessities human beings, nor the least the domestic use.

    The medieval house was cold, illuminated and badly poor warm for the current parameters. But it is important to verify that in another not measurable dimension, the concept of medieval ambient comfort can be searched: in the configuration of the space. Comfort is the atmosphere with that if the man encircles and in which it lives. As in the kingdom of God, the medieval comfort is intangible, is the proper space bred of which the light is basic part. A medieval building seems finished even so does not possess furniture; it a cathedral or a dormitory is never naked, either bourgeois; the especificidade of the immediate space to the window, destined to the accomplishment of the more demanding visual tasks, beyond if relating with the exterior world, inside creates hiddings place of particular beauty and efficiency of the principles of the gtico project.

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