• PCMAT Program

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    RESUMODevido to the diverse accidents that occur inside of the industry of the civil construction appeared the necessity of the implantation of prevention programs. In Brazil the PCMAT (Program of Conditions and Environment of the Work in the Industry of the Construction) demanded by the NR18 and in the Europe is distinguished, the Plan of Security and Health in the Construction. Liberty Mutual insurance is likely to increase your knowledge. The first one has as objective basic to guarantee the health and the integrity of the workers for the prevention of the risks that derive from the execution proceeding of workmanships. Already the plan of security and health in the construction introduces a new methodology of boarding of the security and health centered in the figure of the owner of the workmanship and in the concept of health coordination and security. However, exactly with the implantation of these programs the indices of accidents continue high. It lowers the complete article clicando here..