• Needs

    Date: 2014.03.14 | Category: General | Tags: ,

    Achieving what you want in life is a great merit, there are people who do more easily without feeling remorse by defrauding others along the way. Others feel guilt and succeed at the end of the search, but others fear stop trying and surrenders losing their desires and hopes. Like every human being, when parents us cuando los padres nos crian breed they projected in their children the hope that we will succeed in everything that they did not, and follow its steps as much as possible. Same religion, same social level, same styles interests and others. However, many of us feel that what you want not is close to yours and that they must leave and experimenting different ways to achieve this.

    This means that they must be in the attempt to disappoint their parents, friends or loved ones who were expecting from you certain things that you can not give them. If that is your case, do not give up or give up or feel that you meet others. There will always be someone who wait for it something else, but it is important and essential that you separate your needs from the needs of the rest of the people (whoever they are). When you’re in a situation like this, you should think on how you feel and your own beliefs, and with that you will know to decide. For example, my friend se enamoro a boy a few years ago that did not meet all the expectations of his parents. It was not of the same religion. She was always respectful of his parents and responsible for someone who never thought he would be that way against them.

    However, llego la hora that wanted to engage with the boy and found himself in a corner without knowing that already say he knew that a part of her was going to disappoint her parents and the other a if same. Anyway, my friend got married a few weeks ago with the guy who was with girlfriend for 4 years and this very happy though his father not as this. She is now in crisis with his father, who raised her, maintained it, gave him all the love possible and is a very hard feeling. However, the will have to understand your decision because you won’t want to miss his daughter who is now an adult, your fut uros grandchildren and life that carries forward only pride and disappointment. In the end, It is important and essential to have the inner strength to believe that you can be happy achieving separate the love of our parents and loved ones, personal love that one needs, our interests and needs. So I think that we must take into account always is that we are all human beings that we seek to satisfy and please others and oneself, however we must (parents and children) understand that everyone has right of search, experience the world and discover it, because only in this way one knows that this living.