• Andrew Corentt

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    Other they only conform themselves to his requirements. If you modify your thoughts, Corentt, then explains the world follows to you. It is impossible that it does not do it, since maintain you it in your mind. If you wish excellent relations with all, you must think that the people love to you, and to love them. For that reason Jesus said you love the other, friendly as as much enemy. Also he said do not know what does. The people do not know what they do, only act according to one orders to them with their beliefs.

    What you prefer, to believe in the evil and to be victim or to believe in well-being and the happiness and to be the master? Your you only create your world. You create your you relate. You create your world. You must think that all the people are good, you you must believe in kindness. You must hope that all they try to you well. If somebody becomes rich very quickly what you think? How you think that it secured its fortune? The correct form to believe, is to think that person worked intelligently and that work produced its fruits.

    When you think the others that, then that same one happens in its life. If you think that the others became rich of easy and honest form that will also happen with you. If you think that all the people are good, good people you will only be. If you think and you think that your pair loves to you and appreciates to you and are most important for her, thus will be. You are the master of the world. In your relations and your wealth, in your happiness, you take the control. Happy, healthy, millionaire salo to be or millionaire. It sees positive programs, it reads excellent books, I especially recommend I to you I am Happy, I Am Rico, of Andrew Corentt, in you will learn as the relations, the mind and the universe work in truth. Reading that book your relations will improve of incredible form, you will become rich of accelerated form. If you wish success, wealth, happiness, freedom, good joy and all and the desirable one of this world I recommend to you that you read all the books of Corentt. La Paz, the wealth, the success and the wisdom are their effects. It remembers at any moment that the universe is your body. Embellcelo. Hazle a maquillaje, beautiful and healthy and rich a surgery and vulvelo. Your you can everything, your you are the master.