• the guerrillas

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    Again my inexperience has played me a trick, “said more embarrassed than before .” I think no good for these purposes. I can not continue to commit such glaring errors. Do not know how to apologize. “You need not apologize,” said Ruth crying a “you’re not to blame for everything that is happening. It is also natural that if you never saw in such a situation, do not know how to act.

    At that moment a voice was heard coming from the reception a “They released the room which was held by the guerrillas. There was no hostage inside. Again to all the families who are waiting for news. There was no hostage inside-.a “It seems that is another place where it is! – Ruth said, while the words choked sob in the throat. “Madam,” said the young man trying to encourage him a “have told me that many people who suffer from stress as has been lived in that hotel, they can leave the place without knowing what they are doing and not even knowing clearly who they are and begin to wander aimlessly. I said it is likely to be explained to family members when they did not find the person they were seeking. “I know, I answer Ruth-I am a doctor and work in a hospital in Israel. These things can happen but not very frequent. Maybe you’d better heed and go to the morgue. You encourage you to join me? Not if I could make the journey alone.