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  • School Process

    Date: 2018.04.17 | Category: General | Response: 0

    In this manner, we dislocate the focus of the educational process: the pupil becomes the center of this process and the mediator. Jeffrey Hayzlett may not feel the same. Forming itself, thus, a system that is inherent to the proposal of construtivista learning. Where as many pupils how much professors are in one constant process to learn to learn and they make that it together without the existence of dichotomies. As they affirm Perez and Castillo (1999, P. 43): When the proposal educational is centered in the learning (autoaprendizagem and interaprendizagem) and not in education, the protagonist of the process if dislocates from the professor for educating, and confides way so that the educative act is understood as construction of knowledge, interchange of experiences and creation of new forms. This new protagonist, by means of educative making, if appropriates of history and the culture. We cannot run away from the impact of the new technologies to the society.

    In the future the technologies will be each time gifts in our daily one. Brazil entered the technological advances late. But according to Garci’a (2009), ' ' the country can have a point of view diferente' '. The explanation, according to it, is that, having Brazil atrelada population younger more to the modern resources of what certain countries of first World they identify more with the new, where the potentialities are enormous. In this manner, it is of basic importance the joint of our culture, rich and very vital, with the new Technologies. In the School, the technologies can benefit to professors and when used pupils as tool for the activities, the development of projects and the creation of conditions that allow a more active participation of the pupil in the learning. The use of the technologies, by itself, does not guarantee, however, an innovative education, therefore they also can reproduce formal and repetitive processes of learning.

  • Carl Rogers

    Date: 2016.12.18 | Category: General | Response: 0

    In this context, it is developed didactic action, that is the specific form to teach, to construct a lesson, in the way as the process in classroom is lead. We detach, of this form, that the didactic action involves the domain of the content for the professor, the planning of its lessons, the capacity to evaluate its pupil by means of a continuous process, to know didactic-pedagogical and the construction of important affective bonds for the development of the learning. Still it is considered that the main function of the school is to teach. However, already pontuado for some authors, this function implies in other factors that contribute for a didactically express relation, between them, the interpersonal context, valued for great part of professors. Gil (2010, p.57), treating to functions of the school, affirms: ' ' The school constitutes one of the most important sources of socialization, therefore it is in its scope that if learns and if they strengthen many values, of the beliefs and the norms of behavior social.' ' In this direction, if it makes necessary the paradigm in addition that limits it the study, only, in relation to the behavior of the professor, extending itself this quarrel for the educative functions of the school where all is inserted its community.

    These functions contemplate the election of contents, organization and didactic systematization stops to facilitate to the learning as source of socialization, permeada for the affective relation professor-pupil. In the university scope, this question is not different, knowing that in it the process teach-learning also happens of the perspective of exchange of knowledge, interaction, affective relation. In this boarding, Carl Rogers, one of the pioneers in the development of humanistic psychology present as one of the main pillars of its theory, the relationship between professors and pupils. For Rogers (1986, p.127) the facilitation of the learning if overlaps the one that: ' ' It does not rest in the abilities of lecionar of the leader, nor of the erudite knowledge of the subject, nor in the curricular planning, nor of the use of audiovisuais aids, nor the programmed learning that is used nor in the lectures and presentations and nor in the abundance of books, even so any one of the half ones above can, to be used with importance resources.

  • The Sports

    Date: 2014.09.04 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The physical education is placed, for a good quality of the life of children or pupils, is that these lessons only are not pautadas for only the ability and abilities, corporal harms yes to direct them of the sports inside, fights, gymnasticses, expressions, affective-social, cognitivo, psicomotor development and reduction of estresse and enters this moment to show the importance of the practical one of the practical one of physical activities and becoming its health as form of pedagogical biological and didactic support (GUEDES, 1997). Beyond, of the determinative factors for qualification of health and of the life of the people, we have as legal base for the protection of the individuals, the article of the federative constitution of Brazil, that for its regimen, directs for the Brazilian society the possibility of an order of health for all. That it is determinative factor for a good one or not of a life of quality for the Brazilians. Article 196 affirms that: The health is right of all and to have of the state, guaranteed by means of social and economic politics that aim at the reduction of the risk of illness and other agravos and to the universal and igualitrio access the actions and services for its promotion protection and recovery. (BRAZIL, 1988? 2010, p.54). This presents the duty and objective of the state in guaranteeing by means of the social and economic strategies the attendance to also form the reduction of risk of illnesses and as well as other tragedies as epidemics, basic lack of sanitation of the streets of the communities, of establishments of public and private health. If these not to take care of had also lost to be responsible for the collective conditions of the quality of life of the people. 2.2 The quality of life as individual factors. In the industrialized countries the children are the ones that more suffer with the obesidade, causing diverse problems as the depression, anxiety, that they are condicionantes factors to determine its social ability, as well as of adolescents and adults.

  • Professor

    Date: 2014.04.09 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Public school SP I do not know where it is the supremacy of the public schools of So Paulo I go to pontuar some situations that demand Urgentssima steps. Considering that: We live in a country ' ' dito' ' democratic; our children, adolecentes young is the future of the nation; the school is palco reserved the formation of the citizens for such democracy; the obligatoriness (only of frequency) of all in the school is constitutucional; As decanted all situation of disobedience of the society it passes for the evil quality of the school; All speeches politicians teem as car head the education and its priority; All leaders syndical politicians and say to be to the side of the education; classroom is the car head of the process; the professor is the great personage of the tragetria of changes that we need; the majority of the population leads its children to the school as alibi he makes of it of account of the familiar education; the school to be overloaded, receiving these children to not only give to all education and the pertaining to school; the ECA (statute of the child and Adolescent) is used to favor the disobediences without disciplining same or to indicate ways of ethics and moral (distorted vision of letter that if considered to raise the life of our children and protect them; Now she observes the conditions of the schools and its dependences: Rooms with furniture broken? Blackboards of pssima quality as well as the proper chalk (in the box it consists that he is antialrgico). Doors without locks or the same slopes? Doors of entrance of the building arrebentadas by the successive arrobamentos? Glasses of the broken rooms The computers and other equipment already had been subtraidos and it did not have replacement? Room of the professors true deposit of materials No security for the patrimony of the school of the professors in its workstation does not exist much less when it has a person making the watchman paper is defrayed by the proper professors and employees with one already famous ' ' vaquinha' ' monthly it stops; Professors being assaulted having its belongings subtraidos in the school and entorno of the same ones, since it does not have policing or at least a watchman in the school to intimidate such actions; Other sectors of other secretariats of the state have vigilant doormans and protection to its workers when some situation happens of confronts to providncais servers and patrimony are taken and even though the press notifies and in the schools? I did not say of wages and/or vacation of 15 days to each semester, of categories ' ' L' ' ' ' O' ' that the category is a humilhao; I am speaking to arrive UE it finds it destruida by the lack of patrimonial protection; of parents who only have interest in the freguencia of the children stops not to lose ' ' stock market famlia' ' other benefits without no attention to the pertaining to school income; I am speaking to evaluate the professor in this environment of educational calamity being blamed it for not the learning of the pupils who to this height if become victim of all equally a malfada situation social politics and. .

  • Artist

    Date: 2014.02.15 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Italy – one of the most unique, interesting and beautiful countries in the world. It has its own unique character, its color and its characteristic. This is a sea and mountain country. Located in southern Europe from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, it takes quite a vast area: the peninsula, the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Italy has an exit directly to the five seas: Tirrenenskomu, Ionian, Adriatic, Ligurian and Mediterranean. The geography of this country's unique tourism is booming all year round as in summer you can relax on one of the 5000 Italian beaches. In the winter, fans of active rest can go to the mountains and have a great time at one of the many ski resorts in Italy.

    Long and rich history of this country, every city every year it attracts millions of tourists. Among the most famous sights of Rome, the Italian capital, where more than three thousand years, isolated temple the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Forum Baths Caracalla, the Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral of St. Paul, Capitoline Museum, the National Museum. In Milan, is the famous opera 'La Scala', the church of San Ambrogio, a monastery with a mural of 'The Secret Supper '. Course is to provide a city-museum of Venice, whose historical center is situated on 118 islands with 400 bridges. The well-known 'Leaning Tower' is also in Italy, in the picturesque town of Pisa. Italy – a country where every city and town will be found a place where he lived, studied and relaxed, worked someone famous. Rod Brooks has firm opinions on the matter. Naturally, our citizens, the question arises: "How to communicate in a resort?".

    Within the hotel is usually no problem. Staff trained there English and if you were in school at least three of the subject, explain how something can. Harder if you want to leave the hotel and go to town or go beyond it. Then English will not help. Need to know the native tongue of the people of these countries, that is either Spanish or Italian. Otherwise you risk getting lost and not return home. Spanish in the world says about 70 million people. Learning a foreign language as a hobby. There is still, what language to choose to study, Italian, Spanish or any other. Learning a foreign language determined by the place where you want to relax. Love Canaries – learn Spanish, you want to sunbathing in Sicily – Learn Italian. If you are an artist, you definitely need to learn Italian language, because such a large number of museums, ancient ruins and other sights in Italy, just not there. If you decided to become a bullfighter, you must go to Spain and teach, of course, Spanish. As for the work. Usually go where they pay more. In this sense, Italy more attractive than Spain and Latin America, and from this point view now profitable to teach Italian. But things can change and what the future is uncertain. We hope that now you will be easier to choose, what language to learn.

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