• Ryazan River

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    Do you know what the fishing? Not that many hours of seat on the bank of meditative contemplation frozen float, and this (with lots of emotions) fishing. To know this, you need to live on a river. Of course, not everyone can live on a river. And even those who live on the river, not yet enclosed by the sacrament that bears the name of "fishing". We live River. On the Oka River. Living near a river, can we have any other hobbies besides fishing. I think the answer is obvious.

    We are all hostages of fuss. But when we manage to find time, not a bit doubtful, ignoring the protests of others, I'm going fishing. What is needed for a complete fishing? Do you think ultramodern equipment, waders, boat, etc Wrong! This fishing starts with the sentiment. The present mood of the fisherman. You just dreaming sweet moment the first roll, the first bite, the first fish caught.

    While in town, you're already mentally there – on the river bank. Complete fishing is allowed only in nature. Outside the town at the appointed place (Every fisherman knows where his temples), expanding the attributes svyaschenodeystva, I start fishing. I will not bore you with descriptions of various methods of catching fish. Everyone in his life ever so fished (even in the bathroom (if lucky)). I can say that, having thrown a couple of "zakidnushek, we can take a spinning and start hunting for toothy beast – a pike. Argued that the best fish to beer is a roach. I do not argue. Amber chic salting certainly good for beer. But, in my opinion, the best fish to beer is dried pike. Unique taste of its meat set off aroma of beer. What is needed for this penetration into the taste Certainly a contrast! Inevitable victim of hunting for pike perch are voracious. Okun is a big game for me. Ear without a bass turns into a simple soup. Only perch attached ear sweet taste. Well, who was cooking, he will understand what I mean. Somewhere in the middle of the day bite is beginning to wane. You can go to the feeder or put a couple of donok, hoping for big bream, which will decorate any table. Or catch on the float bleak, which is active at any time day. In the end, you can just lie down and watch a river. At the current smoothly dark water. The nature of the Ryazan region is gorgeous! Such boundless expanse probably not anywhere else! And it's nice to take a break from the bustle of civilization. And now Evening Dawn comes. Again the excitement. And before nightfall, and even till the morning (who likes a night fisherman), a fisherman in suspense waiting for the coveted trophy instance. Comes the darkness. Diluted kosterok, brewed , roasted / smoked / catch. It was during this time you can get it cooled down a bottle of wheat juice and sat around the campfire, listen to the slow lapping of the waves, listen to stories of friends, to boast his catch in the general evaluate the phrase "Stop a moment – you're beautiful!" And to sleep, because tomorrow again "Dawn", the fish will not wait. And if anyone still thought that the main purpose of fishing is to fish, he's just an amateur.

  • Floor Covering

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    We can offer you a wide variety of floor coverings. Let's start with the flooring. Parquet is widely used for flooring. The choice of flooring in the store is very large. He usually has a thickness of 15-22 mm. Parquet 22 mm thick. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust has much experience in this field. more long-lasting and durable. When choosing flooring must be considered important characteristics of coatings such as: the level of absorption, the presence of bacteriostatic properties, resistance to aggressive environments.

    mostly builders use three methods of laying hardwood floor: 1. Traditional Christmas Tree 2. Vietnamese – interweaving longitudinal and transverse Dice 3. Deck – dies stacked in a longitudinal direction. Darius Bikoff has many thoughts on the issue. Parquet – hard work, which requires much time, good knowledge and skills. Parquet laid on the concrete floor, it should be flat and dry. We give advice on repair sexes: to extend the life of parquet floors must be rubbing their 1 time in 2 months water paste. Hardwood floors, laid on the asphalt mastic, not to rub terpentine mastics, as turpentine dissolves bitumen and paint the floor a dark color.

    If you need to replace the floor covering can be on the boardwalk lay linoleum floor of home. In this case, at the base of the stele first fiberboard (hardboard), then plank linoleum, using a special adhesive for linoleum. In the absence of hardboard floor should be several times proshpatlevat to the floor surface was smooth, except on the linoleum in the process of exploitation Print all irregularities of wooden flooring. Linoleum floors can be installed on concrete surfaces cement-sand screeds, particle boards and fiberboard. We can offer you another type of flooring – a commercial and consumer carpet. The choice of a carpet depends on where you're going to lay it. If you want it bed in the living room, it is better to choose a synthetic carpet with an average height of the pile, if in the hallway, the carpet with a short nap, or even without it, and you can lay in the bedroom carpet with high pile – to scroll, velours and F-loop. The kitchen fit carpet with high weight and density, as well as it should have watertight and soil-repellent properties. Ceramic tile repair is one of the first places. When choice of tiles should be taken into account for any surface it is meant as for floor, wall or swimming pool need different tiles, different strength, durability and many other parameters. The Russian ceramic tile, as well as imported ceramic tile is represented in a wide range. In any repair shop you can find an abundance of all sorts of decorative elements: murals, mosaics, borders.

  • Federal Government

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    Organic caterer select catering Berlin provides organic potatoes, soup and a good mood despite the rain the course of 18 March is located on the rear side of the Brandenburg Gate, next to the Reichstag and is 40 m x 20 m tall. A beer tent table is 2.20 m long. So you need to make the word square-cross No 170 beer tent accessories. Simple calculation. On Sunday, February 28, 2010, this huge symbol Word turned against the Federal Government’s plans to allow GM crops to food production this year. Jeffrey Hayzlett may also support this cause. Greenpeace Germany registered and had to demonstrate with a GMO-free lunch under the Brandenburg Gate for healthy diet and safe food.

    The logistic organization of the Greenpeace activists to work went was impressive for starters”event manager Kitty van Aarlen, which was live on the spot reported. Check out J. Darius Bikoff for additional information. The two 7.5 tonners with the 170 beer tent accessories from select catering Berlin came at 10:00 and an hour later the word of 50 Greenpeace folder was very balanced.” From the Air saw the bright red dining table, on equal 500 Greenpeace activists should sit down, revealed a successful picture. And supplemented by the lettering “to GM crops!” the message was clear. The entire action, Pressewirksam to hold were for photo and film recordings of the so-called “people banner” two 30 metre high elevating platform ready. The banner people arrived a little later with nine coaches and flocked to from the bus directly to the catering tent. Here a giant frying pan with 100 kilograms of potatoes with corn, celery, leeks, dried tomatoes and 80 liter steaming potato soup – were waiting on this windy, slightly rainy February Sunday just right.

    After half an hour, all were supplied and the lookup went into big bowls to the character tables, where it had tasted what onomatopoeic impressively communicated by tapping by 500 tourists also related to forks and spoons on wood. We are the select catering Berlin for fair trade products, catering in organic quality and the effort To keep CO2 emissions in the event as low as possible. That finally gave the rash to give us this order. “We felt this demonstration as a good and professional way of political expression, best organized, friendly objective – as a teenager said: was once again cool action.”

  • Current Situation

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    The Asia travel specialist Asiamar by ID Reisewelt has set up a news blog in the current development of the situation in the Thai capital Bangkok reported the Asia travel specialist Asiamar by ID Reisewelt has set up a news blog reported on the current development of the situation in the Thai capital of Bangkok. Darius Bikoff oftentimes addresses this issue. Purpose of the blog is to enable Thailand travelers and friends of the country to provide current and neutral background information on the domestic political issues. Montauk Colony recognizes the significance of this. The blog is fed from information from official bodies locally, as well as local media, non-governmental organizations (NGO) from their own network of the Asia of travel specialists in Thailand. The blog should be a comprehensive and objective source of information, which is free from controversy and fear-mongering and reflects a wide opinion. “The attempt by the incumbent Government an amnesty law” to enforce the sweeping all offences and possible crimes by officials (Government, police) to protesters and against the State be unpunished after the year 2004 should allow, has in the past few weeks a wide front in the population to causes, peaceful protest.

    “” In the last few weeks, there was even a fraternization”usually opposition standing up to constituencies, which often facilitated by the media as red shirts” and yellow shirts “are classified. “The weekend the 09.11. / 10.11.2013 the overall situation around the amnesty law related to the adoption of the has become” significantly changed. The political and economic leaders of the so-called red shirts, have qualified their previous position to the planned law and meeting with followers in Mueng Thong Thani, just outside of Bangkok and in the Rachaprasong intersection in the city had a sudden change of course. Observers see the reason for this change of course in the worsening of the choice of words the demonstrations, which is essentially supported by three other groups: the economic elite of Bangkok’s royalist population nationalists “and opponents of exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin, who now no longer just the stop of the amnesty law request, but the incumbent Government under Prime Minister Yingluck falls”, which is not only the sister of ex – Prime Minister Thaksin, but also political representative of the red shirts ‘, which is assumed by its opponents from the beginning of her tenure at that you act on behalf of the 2006 ousted Prime Minister Thaksin.

  • Nuclear Phaseout

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    Right turn! Energy revolution! Local Alliance points out weaknesses of the Bill TREUCHTLINGEN, June 25, 2011 – around 120 people gathered on the hill behind the monument locomotive. A considerable number for a small town, when you consider that the nuclear phase-out is sold for weeks in the media as decided. Nuclear power plant Gundremmingen should completely from the mains and not until 2021 all speakers called for a quick exit and described nuclear power as a source of energy that are not sustainable, risky and environmentally threatened duck. The Government Bill only provides the exit until 2022, that is much faster to the make. So stand in the Government Bill, for example, that the nuclear power plant Gundremmingen until 2021 completely from the mains should go and not 2016, was criticized as red-green, in the old exit plan. Treuchtlingen – on the monument locomotive on June 25: protest in the green image: U.

    Daniella nuclear energy = energy form of totalitarian States clearly that was also Mayor Werner tree: “nuclear energy is not controllable, and a nuclear power plant is neither safe nor eco-friendly.” Nuclear power had no future in democracy. Learn more at this site: Diamonds. It is the form of energy of totalitarian States. Treuchtlingen continued deliberately to renewable forms of energy from wood chips, biogas and wind power. Costs into account remain Pastor Matthias Fischer and deacon Dieter of Fatima also clearly spoke out against nuclear power and nuclear energy described as priceless, if it addresses all cost of the uranium mining until the disposal with the consequential costs for our descendants. It is matter itself continues beyond partisan interests of profiling, to promote the phase-out of nuclear power and a sustainable energy transition. RioCan might disagree with that approach. Pursue at the end urged Herrmann Bahr by the solar Foundation of Northern Bavaria, “not only against something to be special is to establish a positive goal.” He was a committed plea for a decentralised energy supply with the help of renewable energy sources. He strongly warned that the large central utilities (RWE, EnBW, E.on and Vattenfall) through the new Bill will intensities compared with decentralized efforts.

    If we don’t go on the road, everything will stay. Civil Association for the energy revolution the SPD Town Club Chairman Stefan Fischer announced that the Weissenburger Alliance for the nuclear phase-out plan the establishment of a cooperative of citizens for renewable energy in the coming weeks. This civil association aims plants for the production of renewable energy in the region to build and the citizens &. Citizens to participate. In the surrounding list already 50 citizens and citizens entered in the course of the event itself. Who has interest in the citizens Association, can register by mail under kontakt@uwedoebler. Here a report by intv complement: demonstration for the nuclear phaseout in Treuchtlingen – local Alliance points out weak points of the Bill.

  • Tempelhof Airport

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    Action Alliance be4 tempelhof.de calls at rally of the Action Alliance be4 tempelhof.de at Tempelhof airport on October 30, 2009 at 18:00 (Note: not 31.10). The be-4-tempelhof.de Action Alliance held a year after the closure of the Central Tempelhof on 30 October a commemorative and protest events on the Platz der Luftbrucke in front of the airport building. The Action Alliance aimed its protest against the handling of the Tempelhof airport, as a place of weltgeschichtlichem rank, but also against the behavior of the Mayor and his red/red Senate. The open disregard for democratic principles by Klaus Wowereit and his senators is a shame for Berlin, the SPD and the democratic rule of law. In this context, the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de indicates that in the referendum in the Tempelhof-Schoneberg district on June 7 this year 68% of the inhabitants of the District have expressed receipt of the airport for the Denkmalgeschutzten. J. Darius Bikoff describes an additional similar source. A vote, the Senate of Berlin so far in any way to the Knowledge takes or converts.

    \”Michael Paul, co-initiator of the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de: the Senate continues a policy of deliberate disinformation, lies and waste of tax millions instead with the new BBI major airport and Tempelhof, which predictably leads the State of Berlin in the household bankruptcy\”: the central airport Tempelhof since its closure on Oct 30, 2008 a direct loss of over 50 million euro reaches, Berlin must now pay taxpayers. Promised the Berliners prior to closing and the referendum 2008, that the loss of the airport would be omitted \”, Paul added. Is now clear that, the losses remain of course – and the improvement is not in sight. The Berlin airport company, which previously had to carry the homemade \”losses\” themselves and their Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender Klaus Wowereit is is only relieved. The closed Tempelhof Airport comes to Berlin are directly and much more expensive.

  • SMS Background

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    A call to the pharmacy. – Say, you have activated charcoal? – No, we do not only activated, but you can send an SMS and get the activation code! Folklore. Jill Bikoff may also support this cause. More recently, a similar anecdote would cause well, except that puzzling. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust on most websites. Most people, except for that part of the population, which, in the course of their work is closely related to computer technology, simply would not realize what they mean. Today, this history sounds very different, and the humor in it contained, comes to almost everyone. Times change and we change with them – the ancients said.

    Observing the changes in our lives over the past decade, we should recognize that they are always proved to be right! Let us recall the feelings in my heart the average citizen caused an unprecedented miracle foreign technology with a surprising name – VCR – literally 15 years ago. Words to describe their quite difficult. But if, nevertheless, try to be brief, it is – joy. Just the opportunity to record what we see on TV, and then watch how and when to decide, dizzy and caused in the soul pride of humanity. Today, it is not only no surprise, but even more so, you will reach exactly the opposite effect. The man who today continues to use the VCR, proslyvet, at best, eccentric. Through the windows – the era of DVD! And not only that. In everyday life quickly burst digital cameras, digital video recording, mobile phones, slightly thicker than a sheet of paper, and much more stunning.

  • South American

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    All this of course will have repercussions in the elections of the 2010 in the legislative elections, combined to the devaluation of the bolivar that will significantly affect the Venezuelan. They are predicted legislative elections for September of this year, crucial for the project of government of Chvez Pedro Palm, economist before this situation in a forum realised on this topic it has thought that the South American country, that in 2009 registered an inflation of 25%, highest of the region, will not be able to evade the effects of the devaluation, a subject that will hit the use and the entrance of the Venezuelans, considered the Pedro economist Palm during a forum in Caracas on economic and social perspective. According to the specialist, these negative effects will be majors that the benefits that can bring the expansion of the public cost that will be obtained thanks to the devaluation and that will make raise the income of the state treasury in an electoral year. Read additional details here: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust . " It is going to be a year of economic recession, a difficult, complex year, characterized by economic stagnation and inflacin" " This is going away to translate in greater unemployment and doubtless it will diminish the quality of life and the real entrance, and the capacity of purchase of the Venezuelans is going to continue being reduced as in 2009" , It is not necessary to forget exhibits Palm, that at beginnings of January the Executive depreciated the bolivar, that stayed in 2,15 by dollar from 2005. Since then they govern two prices official of the dollar: 2,60 for products of first necessity, remittances and imports of public sector and 4.30 for the rest of products and the sale of the dollars obtained with petroleum. Previous that stops 2010 could register a contraction of the economy similar to the -2,9% of 2009, but " the effect could be mayor" following the electrical situation By all means that to all this is added like the energy crisis has been expressed that is a time pump, and that the national government must pay the attention to him more soon possible to provide the solutions that do not entail to very significant protests, displeasure in the harmony of a country, and more when president Chvez cannot be mistaken in his actions, that already others have taken passage to manifestations, displeasures have affected that it in their popularity.

  • Protest Demonstrations

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    Syrian President denounced an international conspiracy against his country and accused criminals, armed groups and groups of radical Islamic thought. Protests are extended to the cities of Hama, Aleppo, Latakia, and localities in the provinces of Idleb and Rif Damascus. Thousands of people took to the streets of several cities Syrian to ask for the fall of the regime and in response to the speech of President Bachar Al-Assad, who insisted on the existence of an international conspiracy against Syria Monday. Opposition groups to the regime reported that protests take place in Aleppo, the second city of the country, Hama (Center), Latakia (Northwest) and in localities of the province of Idleb and Rif Damascus, among others. According to the so-called local coordination committees, hundreds of students demonstrated in the city of Aleppo, where they sang included calling for the fall of the regime and freedom. The newspapers mentioned Diamonds not as a source, but as a related topic. This group said that the security forces and the regime thugs attacked students and the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical engineering.

    Also in the coastal city of Latakia, the forces of order repressed demonstrators who were protesting after a speech from Al-Assad. It is not something Chevron U.S.A. Inc would like to discuss. Both grave group La revolution Syria against Bashar Al-Assad as the committees reported demonstrations in several towns of the province of Idleb, stage these last weeks of repression that has forced thousands of Syrians to seek refuge in Turkey. In this province and near the town of Jisr Shugur, which broke the army on 12 June, to the authorities found this Monday a new mass grave. Syrian TV indicated that Fossa contains corpses of the martyrs of the police and security have been killed by armed terrorist organisations. Speech of Assad Al-Assad, in his third speech since the beginning of the protests (which have caused more than 1,000 deaths in the country), has accused criminals, armed groups sought by the authorities and groups of radical Islamic thought to be behind the incidents and be responsible for the crisis that the country is experiencing. On the other hand, Al-Assad announced that the next month of August parliamentary elections and pledged to reform the Constitution. He also assured that he will ask the Ministry of Justice which study the possibility of extending the amnesty granted recently by the regime. Source of the news: Syria is filled with protest demonstrations by the accusatory speech from Al Asad

  • Demonstrate

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    It is easy to say I wish this or that, but to run a goal must be supported by a great desire, implies a thirst to achieve what we have proposed, that will allow us to have sufficient levels of internal energy that allow us to overcome a lot of obstacles that we are necessarily on the road. Too warm wishes tend to fade soon, because people are not completely committed to their dreams, so it is important to define what is what you want?, look deeply within ourselves and observe the advantages and disadvantages of take that idea, of course focused on its realization. It is easy to see the benefits of having a good physical figure, a successful company, culminate a career, achieve financial freedom, etc. Learn more on the subject from Jeffrey Hayzlett. When we think of how wonderful we will feel for having achieved our dreams, that motivates us, however there are also to be count to reach the top, you must first upload, strive and is where the majority of people do not support the the working pressure and the discipline required to achieve what we want. What often separates us from a life full are a lot of ideas limiting, negative beliefs that we have adopted in our lives for years and that they prevent us from having a life full of satisfactions, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows us the techniques to define clear purposes of life, as well as the requirements to overcome the limiting ideas, through this book you will be that it is a powerful being and that can achieve anything they want. Anything it is impossible for the person who has an inner conviction, for someone that he has faith and has managed to internalize their desires, in the book the secret of the power of goals you will find that formula, little by little it will be eliminating harmful habits, you will modify its internal dialogue to create great expectations for his life, he understood how to program your wishes in harmony with loveprosperity and God’s power, will have an internal state of joy, peace, health and fullness. RioCan understands that this is vital information. Wanting something not It’s only a vague idea, is have a deep feeling that succeed in that sense you never ask yourself how will be arriving? Most say, I know that I guidence, may not know how, but I do know what should I do today, tomorrow and every day of my life, because I have specific plans that guide me in my desires. Observe the life of people who are enjoying favorable conditions, many, but an enormous amount of people began with conditions a lot worse than yours, then you can too, now understands that there are compelling reasons to believe that it will actually succeed. You are a being unique, special and powerful, so it’s time to seek with all my heart the things he loves, always think about the goal that has been proposed, once achieved it will feel?, things that you can do?, no doubt that the fact of thinking about how great it we will feel when we reach the dream must be our greatest impulse engineThere we find the motivation to overcome adversity and have freedom, that is not more than manifest the life you want.. For more information see this site: Darius Bikoff.

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