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    Date: 2019.06.20 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Immediately warn, in the title is not my opinion, a quote from a famous song old opera hat: What helps people, he spends time in vain, good deeds can not be glorified! And the reason for citing served as one point on which I came not so long ago. But let's start from the beginning. In our life, various events happen, both good and not so. Our memory is arranged in such a way that the negative moments are forgotten, and positive, on the contrary, as long as possible attract only good things, concentrating on the positive developments. It's simple! However, the Internet, and especially in the blogosphere by many, without realizing it, just concentrate on the negative. And this is how it often happens. An abstract the author manages a website, a blog and newsletter.

    Over time, the number of readers increases, there are first grateful responses. The author believes that this is a matter of course – several hundred, maybe be thankful and thousands of subscribers. But here comes another letter, which criticizes the nines all the activities of our author. That he is making? Rather than simply ignore this message, it starts a long and empty debate, defending his work and in every way defensively. And, like a snowball who grows negative. And it also happens that the debate turns into an open confrontation, turning over a blog that recently me and could be observed. I will not mention here his address, simply noting that the author on this occasion put up a post impressive size, which is responsible for all attacks.

    It feels a regular reader, when he sees it? Only resentment and nothing more. After striking a debate with critics – it is simply disrespectful to the other site visitors! Subscriber always thank the author for the article, leaving praise and expressed his recognition, but never received even Elementary "Thank you" from the author, not to mention a personal post. And then someone is mocked and he is for such honors. It is insulting There comes to mind and that same line from a song about the futility gibus positive actions. Know in your work will be critics, but one can always find disgruntled hundred (or more) to truly grateful admirers. Concentrate and create just for them. Chevron U.S.A. Inc shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Respond to appreciative reviews. and positive developments did not take long.

  • Internet

    Date: 2013.10.23 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The State of Israel is one of the few states where people are talking at least 15 different languages, these languages are spoken by much of the population. Among the most popular languages – Hebrew, Arabic, English and of course, the Russian language. In Israel, home to nearly half a million Russian-speaking people, one million of whom came here during the great wave of immigration of the nineties, and the rest arrived in the Seventies years or more in the prewar period. Since the number of Russian-speaking population in Israel is so large (about one-fifth of the total population), it is natural that some of the messages in the media information, publications, signs in stores, indexes, and including even the road signs on city streets will be in Russian. Russian-speaking Israelis who also have several Russian media channels, such as an Israeli tv channel in Russian, and several radio stations, many newspapers, news, and weekly magazines are sold at kiosks or given away for free. This phenomenon could not touch, and Israeli Internet, a large number of sites and portals in Russian appeared in recent years and their number continues to grow like mushrooms after rain. Many Russian-speaking Israelis prefer to read news of Israel in Russian, not in Hebrew, buy theater tickets for shows in their native language and search in Google Yandex'e or kindergarten where they will teach their kids the Russian language. Russian-speaking Israelis also visit sites in Russia and Ukraine, but to read the latest news from Israel and to obtain reliable information, they have traditionally favored the Israeli web – sites.

    For this purpose, there are two types of sites – Israeli site in Hebrew that have full-fledged Russian version and independent Russian websites that do not have a version in Hebrew. Besides Russian news websites can be divided into a number of categories, pure news site with news about Israel and the global news, the big portals with a large number of sections, such as culture, leisure, community and, of course, the tape with the latest news. The latter type is the satellite sites of major companies that own newspapers or tv channels. On their website you can usually read the last number printed publication or watch the live broadcast of the channel. It seemed that a Russian website in Israel at this time reached its peak, but it may be, Over time, this phenomenon gradually disappears, as the younger generation consciously or unconsciously detached from their own Russian roots and looks, reads and listens only in Hebrew.

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