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  • Carlo Ginzburg

    Date: 2014.09.03 | Category: General | Response: 0

    In the verbal register that produces for us this map these () interviewed () speak of as they had been creating conditions of survival in this place. D. Maria says in them of what it considers as bigger difficulty in the period of the occupation: the hunger; for cozia sacia it dend or green banana. They had been planting other foods, but the hunger does not wait. In the memory of this people-memory we could perceive many common points, many signals disclosed for the souvenirs that went if revealing in our colloquies. Strong souvenirs in relation to the participation of on people to the Church Catholic, the example of priests of a nun; expressive souvenirs in relation to the material conquests, the example of the chafariz, the flour house, the school.

    It was by means of our colloquies that we were identifying what Franois Dosse calls of memorial signals. For Ricoeur (apud DOSSE, 2204, P. 151) the memorial signals are classified in cortical, psychic and material. It fits to stand out that this third dimension of the memory places in them, according to Dosse, in the field of the historical inquiry. These dimensions, ' ' they constitute, therefore, alone, the inevitable imbricao of history and the memory, disclosed for signal in the expression of Carlo Ginzburg of a paradigm ' ' indicirio' ' on which history would depend, the opposite to the paradigm ' ' galileano' ' ' '.

    Amongst the found memorial signals in the passage of this research, the materials that call in them the attention are: The flour chafariz, house, the school. These ruins are symbols livings creature of a history; each one of them counts a little of this fight based on hope in the courage. Hope and courage of a people who taking conscience of its to be in the world, goes to search what he can be its for right.

  • Gilbert Freyre

    Date: 2013.01.19 | Category: General | Response: 0

    It is important to remember that for the author this Northeast it is not linear, much less its identity, it are born of the necessity of the politicians and intellectuals in way to one strong sensation of loss in its economic space and politician for the traditional producers, this thought well is placed by the proper author. The northeast origin, therefore, far from being a linear and ascending process, where ' the identity this since the assured beginning and preservada' , it is a historical start in which if it finds the discord between the practical ones and the speeches; it is a nonsense. (ALBUQUERQUE, 2009, P. 80) However, it is important to also detach that, the question of the space will be argued for the first time; although if it perceives a different look and until depreciator, depending on the space. The author uses the concepts of Gilbert Freyre 2, to show as this regionalism is drawn, that it attributes to the dutch influence in century XVII, making reference of a Northeast that in itself was different of the remain of the country. Another one important point this in the visibility of this space that will be constructed by a gamma of traditionalistic intellectuals who go to support its speech in the memory to construct an identity.

    This speech is based on a regional tradition, having in music one strong representation for the search of this identity and regional dizibilidade. We can observe in the words of Snows when writing on cultural the Hinterland as imaginary the same mechanisms to construct to this identity in the search of this mandate with its images and feelings. As cultural category, hinterland affirms for the partner-cultural antecedents of its population, stating ' to be able of mandate of images, feelings, reasonings and sentidos' , constructed throughout its historical experience. In the imaginary one of the popular cancioneiro, express hinterland different life and to know.

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