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    Date: 2019.04.12 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The comparator market India grew between 2005 and 2010 with approx. 12% p.a. and came up 2010 even with a growth rate of over 15%. The share of transactions in these States on the entire M & A volume of the sector is therefore increased from 8% in 2001 to 25% in 2008. To read more click here: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust. However, the Chinese market is characterized significantly by State-controlled companies (E.g., Sinotrans, Zhongchu or COSCO), so that the buyer above all on target companies focus medium size, that allow market entry.

    III. interest by private equity interest of private equity has played a rather below average role at logistics M & A market in the past, especially in Europe as a whole. This was due in part to the relatively low margins in the logistics field of the standard, or the relatively high capital intensity in the carrier and network shops (especially road transport and contract logistics), where a market-leading presence and thus competitiveness requires significant initial and follow-on investments. In addition the cyclicity and some dependency of each sector hard points of the carrier. There is also a relatively high transparency in relation to differentiation/USP compared to the competition in the fragmented market structure of many small and medium-sized enterprises. This is often only in the specific business process flows and management Know-How, and less in measurable factors such as technology or access to customers/resources.

    In addition, the transparency and the level of detail of financial figures are not sufficient for the due diligence requirements of classic financial investors were especially in medium-sized and smaller providers. So the major integrated logistics providers have dominated but mostly many years market M & A. These factors mean that the typical characteristics of private equity target companies such as leadership, high profitability and solid cash flow generation with simultaneous low future investment needs in difficult and possibly in niche segments are.

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    Date: 2014.06.07 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Declining sales and changing customer needs, increase the demand for advice in the industry of given declining sales in the classical supply business and increased pressure on margins, especially in the power business, are looking for new, future-oriented business models, ensuring sustainable income and growth companies in the energy and utility industry. You respond thus to changing customer needs, including for innovative products, as well as on the political pressure, particularly by the EU regulatory framework for renewable energy and emission reduction. The newly created consulting unit utility excellence partner of the management consulting h & z and Cambridge management strategy developed tailor-made solutions and business models along the entire value chain for companies in the energy and utilities industry. The unit is headed by: Lionel Marquie (CMS), Michael Santo (h & z), Dr. Peter Schulz (CMS), Boris Wippermann (h & z). Consulting focuses on the topics Settlement request, growth strategy, alliances and collaborations, network – and sales optimization, shopping, supply chain, organisational development, corporate management and services. Utility excellence partners is active worldwide with a network of over 420 consultants and offices in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Gothenburg, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich, Dubai and Sao Paulo. A cooperation of the management consulting h & z and Cambridge management strategy with utility excellence partner h & z consulting and Cambridge management strategy linking their deep industry knowledge with excellent know-how in the area of business excellence; h & z was awarded for 2011 the hidden Champion Award.

    Both companies have extensive market and project experience with local and international clients. With utility excellence partners the strategic and operative implementation competence of h & z succeeded us, consulting and the Cambridge management strategy in the energy field reaffirm”, says Lionel Marquie, Managing Director of Cambridge management strategy. “And Michael Santo, Board member of h & z, added: as utility excellence partners we offer our customers in the energy and supply markets across the required support in the areas of strategy and business excellence through the entire value chain”.

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