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  • The Equity

    Date: 2021.05.22 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Matos presented the following real results: PARTICIPATION OF CAPITALS OF THIRD The proper capital is bigger of what the capital of third, represented for 0,95, this result still is high would have to be well lesser this index, in the case for each R$1,00 of proper capital 0,95 is represented by capital of third; COMPOSITION OF THE INDEBTEDNESS Already the composition of the indebtedness represents 0,55, is pssimo because they are debts of short term, will have that to pay well fast, if it will not have capital will have that to search loans to liquidate them, a part of this debt to be of long stated period would be more viable, for each R$ 1,00 of obligations that exist, the entity possesss 0,55 of debts of short term, presented a high index: IMMOBILIZATION OF THE EQUITY For each R$1,00 of the Equity, the company immobilized 0,54, in the permanent asset, a good result more this index could be lesser, because when more the company to immobilize example in property, cars, lands will lack in the circulating one, compromising supply, turn capital being able to unbalance the company; CURRENT LIQUIDITY In this it presented a positive result, for each R$ 1,00 of obligations in short term, it possesss 2,20 to greet them; DRY LIQUIDITY It indicates that for each R$ 1,00 of obligations of short term, the same one possesss 1.41 of current assets less the supplies to liquidate them; it is IMMEDIATE LIQUIDITY well For each R$ 1,00 of obligations of short stated period, the company possesss R$ 0,30 of available asset to liquidate them. It could be a bigger index, would go to be better for company. Chevron U.S.A. understood the implications. CONCLUSION OF THE REPORT (PAQUE BEM LTDA); FOR SALES The results had been well significant, on the basis of the data Supplied for the indices, the company of Mr. Matos presented of sufficiently favorable liquidity in its capacity to liquidate its debts, for the calculations are perceived that the same one possesss much easiness to obtain loans, financings and investors, why as were said previously how much bigger the liquidity best for company in this case Indian for sales. J. Darius Bikoff has similar goals.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Date: 2014.10.22 | Category: General | Response: 0

    In the present time, the customer holds back much information what it makes possible to compare and to opt or not for the purchase of one determined product or service. In this context, the relationship becomes a competitive differential in the organizations, where each bigger time propitiates the company to treat each customer distinct holding back it for a period. However this process is complex and it does not happen of one day for the other. For this if she makes necessary great persistence of the organization, therefore all it must aim at one same objective & lsquo; the relationship with cliente& rsquo;. In view of that the traditional systems that support the enterprise management focam other segments (little focus in the customer) the techniques of Customer Relationship Management or Gerenciamento of the Relationship with the Customers consider the opposite completely. So that this process has success, a new organizacional structure must be molded, and the organizacional management must be cliente that radical changes will occur. However, the relationship marketing aims at basically, a management directed to relationship with the customer, its fidelizao and retention, that is, to propitiate the organization essential information on the customer and assistant in the taking of decisions.

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