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  • In Search Of A Reply

    Date: 2023.12.27 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Jud this dominated by the iniquity, the impiedade governs the heart of a people who long ago followed and rejoiced itself in the law of Jehovah. Habacuque seems grumbler with the apparent delay on the part of God in promoting its judgment on Jud, however this feeling soon is substituted by a well bigger drama. When it contemplates the proper eyes the death and the destruction of its people, the cruelty and violence of the Chaldean leave the prophet ahead perplexo what if it could be called ' ' vara' ' of God correcting the nation. Habacuque made then what I today think to lack for many, looked the solitude, was disconnect of deliberate form of the many voices that clamavam in its world, and, it so only applied its heart in hearing the voice of God. Other leaders such as Rebecca Mann Wikipedia offer similar insights. Hc.2: The 1 Ahead of the zealous desire of the prophet reply of God it came with the form of one of the hugest described affirmations in the Bible, that still today finds echo in the heart of its children, bringing cure for pains, alento for the disillusionments and light for ours you doubt:' ' Just it will live for its faith, these will be preserved in the day of calamidade' '. The end of the reply of God expressed in it I finish verse of I capitulate two also suggests us something to it important; hundreds of thousand of shepherds, petitioners and too much brothers whom they always judge to have something odd to say above all and all it discloses in them: ' ' Mr., to put, this in its saint temple; all keeps silent ahead of it terra.' ' These words seem to suggest me the following one: I am God, am sovereign in skies and in the land, my will cannot and it will not be never frustrated, aquietai you and you know that I am God. In the love of Christ. Pr Anselmo Melo.

  • The Time In Which We Live

    Date: 2023.12.22 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The conscious observer wonders the heights Multicarrier by Gaja and the time until end of 2012 inevitably, on what our society heading for a target and when doing some research on the Internet, one again encounters the date 21.12.2012, which the Maya called the end of this era. Now, the world not going on this date and the Mayans called year which takes 26,000 years round with this scheduling just end this Jugas, so the end of a cosmic. The Schreckensenarien which should reach us on this day, ranging from plague elens, Meteoriedeneinschlag, pole caps shift to the third world war. However, you will find very little, as it can get rid of this Katakliesmen and it feels unwillingly in the role of victim. It’s true, mother earth rises, because Gaja will shake up a few lice in the fur. But what can I do as an individual to not falling into the role of victim.Many of the described disasters have his permissions, but much is also incorrectly interpreted. So I also have to tell you, that the third world war has begun! But not hoard as some may now think that we must take up arms, us in contactor rooms and bunkers must pull back, food etc.

    No, the world war that is in progress refers to the spiritual level. The Earth resonates higher, increasing also the consciousness of humanity and it is not so easy for the shadow Governments that maintain people hoodwinked. Believe that seriously it just a coincidence is that more and more the lies of the powerful to light come, that in many African countries the people against their oppressors rise (and this time not with a religious aspect) and now Justice demand.So what happens because there at one time and that in many countries? Spain thousands of people have on a Plaza for many days gathered to demand strongly to give that it’s now time, that elected politicians to implement a policy for the people finally have, not on purely economic aspect is built.

  • Research Embryo

    Date: 2023.12.21 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Research with Embryos: Genocide in Mass or Scientific Advance? Summary Currently, the embryos have been object of quarrel in the field of the biotica for the questioning of the moment of the beginning of the life. This reply it will be able to define the routes of the research and the human behavior. This research was carried through through a brief bibliographical survey and presents the positioning of the author in relation to this fact. Divergence between religious scientists, laypeople and how much to the initial moment of the life of a human being is observed in extreme literature. To deepen your understanding Jeffrey Hayzlett is the source. The author defends, as conclusion of its research, that does not exist solid bases that define the moment of the beginning of the life and that it considers the fecundao as starting point not only of formation of an organism, but of one human being. Words key: embryo, life, biotica. Introduction This article has as purpose to try to show the possibilities of the human embryo, possibilities these that are very real since the moment of the conception.

    But, the difficulty esbarra exactly in a doubt that atrocity for ones represents and a probability of hope for others. Not obstante, already it is observed that it has a great problem in question. The research with embryos is genocide in mass or is scientific advance? To search such reply we will be showing varied points of view, since scientific, philosophical, biological and religious the principles. Based in these conceptions it tries we remos to reach the main objective that it will show that the embryo, since its conception, is deserving a human being endowed with rights and of respect. in objectives subliminares we will show as independent of some points of view, the zygote – or embryo – has its particularitities and individualities that must be shown and of this form to prove that from the union of two cells we have much more that an cell-egg or daily pay-embryo.

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