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  • Boat Cleaning Business

    Date: 2019.09.20 | Category: General | Response: 0

    These areas, like any other motor vehicle and the compartment that you can come across, may well be very clean, or very greasy, dirty and grimy. Remember to mention the difficulty of finding fuel leaking oil or bilge water dripping down a dirty. You will need to exercise extreme caution when doing in the bilge area as there are additional switches and cables, which can be found under a car engine. It is vital to prevent damage to any of these as they are extremely expensive, about two to three times the cost of a comparable car part. You also have to be careful to have any wastewater discharged into fresh water, you are doing it in open water. If this happens, you will be violating the federal Clean Water Act of 1972 and the city, county and state NPDES permit.

    To clean the bilge area, you’ll need a shop vac, which is one I do not care much. Probably an old one, because it will be absorbing oily water unpleasant, and it is not something you want to transfer in a nice carpeted area. The area of the hose will be greasy and dirty. So invest, or if you have an old hanging around the shop vac use to retrieve the water will be produced inside the area after cleaning bilges. Be sure to remove the vacuum bag filter before use to absorb all the waste water. The most important thing is constantly monitoring the water level at work.

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