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    Sand making machine is our patent products developed for abrasive materials, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, slimes, pottery and porcelain and chemical industries. It is the up-to-date equipments in 1990s on medium and fine rock crusher, which applies to various materials. Materials are added in the cavity from the top of machine evenly; the materials are divided into central and scattered by sort overflow adjustment and set flow flow valve (fill valve); fill valve may adjust ratio between central and scattered flow flow runoff; the materials entered into through central feed gate turntable are thrown out from three even interval channels and impinge against the scattered flow at the speed of 50-80 m/s when the pipes are in the revolving turntable rapidly; When crushing, the pipes crack along the natural plane of weakness and crush and then break on the vortex layer of crushing cavity together; raising vortex through repeat striking form; crush with jet flow again; mill-crush-mill – Hasta lose its energy and fall from gravel chamber. We adopt the following measures aiming at bassalt s low sand ratio, high finished product fineness modulus and low mountain flour content: 1. Improve impact crusher rotor speed and aggregate linear velocity in the crushing cavity. 2 Adjust impact crusher feeding grading material s.

    3 Put granules with size 5 mm into vertical shaft impact crusher for reshaping. 4. The lower the moisture content is, the better the efficiency will be making sand. So dry method is adopted for the whole plant to improve sand making efficiency. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specialized in mining machine manufacturing and sale, which is located in Zhengzhou, Henan provice. Hongxing sand production line belongs to building sand production line, the production line equipment mainly have cobble stone composition, belongs to the category of sand cobble system equipment.Jaw crushers play sand production line tight assembly, each machine cobble sand blasting equipment system have been making full use of thoroughly realize seamless connection between the equipment.

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