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  • The Wind A Great Energy Value

    Date: 2017.09.01 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The obtained energy of the wind is one of the more important renewable energies and with more future. The solar radiation warms up the Earth surface causing the heating of the air that generates the wind. He does but of three thousand years the Egyptians already used the wind force to grind the grain by means of mills that transformed the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. At the moment we can turn that kinetic energy into electricity thanks to aerogenerator. The Aeolian energy along with the solar energy can be the motor of the economic development of the future. At the moment with the combination of a homemade aerogenerator and solar panels many properties and small businesses are self-sufficient power. The initial economic cost is recovered with the power saving that is obtained.

    The awareness in the power saving and the promotion of the renewable ones is the alternative to the present power chaos. The fast growth of the demand world-wide energetics brings about the gradual exhaustion of the fuel reserves fossils. Although new deposits are discovered that extend the life of the present power model, sooner or later the absolute dependency of fossil fuels must be surpassed. A new model based on the renewable energies must replace the present one. The aerogenerators and the solar panels can be an alternative to petroleum. It is time only question that the administrations and the public opinion in particular see the true potential of the renewable energies and the energy of the wind. The advantages of this new model surpass of length the possible disadvantages. With the suitable investments in investigation great advances in the power sector can be managed and at the same time to protect the environment. Original author and source of the article.

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