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  • Interrupted Communication

    Date: 2020.06.19 | Category: General | Response: 0

    INTERRUPTED COMMUNICATION: Development and Learning in the relation with the Professor. ROSE, C.R; CASSIANO, J.M. Graduandos of the Course of Filosoifa? Puc-Campinas SUMMARY the present article has as objective to display a theory from the description-cultural boarding of Lev. S. Vigotsky and to extend it until the conception of the theory of the learning developed for. the Leontiev and the desenvolvimental education of V. Davydov. This together theoretical study if to the accomplishment of the practical one of comment of a institution-field of education directed toward the modality of Young education of the Education for Adult? EJA.

    A possible joint between the practical theory and is presented with an emphasis in the paper of the professor as mediating of the relation of technician-scientific knowing and the description-cultural experience, assisting the pupils of the EJA to develop new a meaning for its proper realities. Word-key: Education for Young Adult, development, learning, mediator. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN: Development and Learning in relation you the Teacher ABSTRACT This article aims you expose theory from the historical-cultural approach of Lev S. Vygotsky and enlarge it you the design of learning theory developed by. the Leontiev and the teaching of developmental V.

    Davydov. Theoretical This study joins the realization of the practice of observing field-education institution dedicated you teaching modality of Education will be Youths and Adults? EJA. Possible link between theory and practice is presented with an emphasis on the teacher' s rolls the technical mediator of the relationship of knowledge and scientific and cultural-historical experience, helping EJA students you internalize the new meaning of to their own reality. Keywords: adult education, development, learning, mediator. INTRODUCTION the present article deals with a study carried through in two stages: a bibliographical and theoretical survey on a presented subject and practical one of comment in a institution-field located in the city of Campinas, So Paulo.

  • Nikita One

    Date: 2014.03.03 | Category: General | Response: 0

    It had certain complicity between us, we changed opinions, as I can have so been donkey to have enxergado as much thing, but not to have seen you, well in my front. He was blind for other things I ask for pardon for having lacked courage, having lacked attitude to me, we were friends, I know that you liked another one, but the truth also, is that I had fear of not being good sufficient for you, always wanted to it optimum, for me what it interested, was to see you happy, exactly that this meant not to be with me. Pause Pardons me, therefore nor I obtain to pardon myself. Perhaps some day you open a book, magazine or a periodical or even though a page in the Web and read this letter and think: – He will be! To the times I think that if we had in the loved one and until married (imagination mine, is clearly) I would have the biggest pride in speaking for that my wife is the woman prettiest of the world. But it was as already it said: The life is not as in the films and us we are not heroes. I am wild of curiosity in knowing as you are, probably married, you always you were very pretty, an equal woman you you would not be single. Of the deep one of my heart, I wait that he is happy, to think consoles me thus a little. I only want to say I love that you, go to forget you Nikita, never love very and always I to love go you, for the remaining portion of my life, to love I go you!. Some contend that electron research shows great expertise in this.

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