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  • The Tree

    Date: 2014.04.28 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The white comes to be from its opposes and not of the red. With this, we understand that the nature is conducted by its contrary. But the things do not leave of Being to perhaps, but yes when it is corrupted. The tree leaves of being when it dies. After all which is the opposite of the tree? of the sky? I begin if it I oppose is, as to explain it these examples? It will be possible that they do not have the opposite or I oppose? Here to a harmony, therefore of the disarrangement it is possible to think about an order. How to understand all these together questions? It is simple.

    The tree is composed, for example, is constituted wooden, leves, land, water, flowers and others. The tree is not as the white that has the black color as opposing. Thus, the things have a harmony from the contrary that are limited, are not as the homeomerias of Anaxgoras. Thus, together wood, leves, land, water, flowers and others to form the tree. This to explain of Aristotle is convincing. Of the previous chapters so far, we understand the beginning of the nature. But appears a great doubt, therefore as that the wood, leves, land, water, flowers and others had been joined? It joined who them? What they made to join themselves? If we stopped the reading in this fifth chapter we would be without understanding, therefore in the next chapter we will understand as that a nexus between the contrary is created.

    In this chapter we saw: Summarizing: That the contrary are the principles. Principle? contrary; Contrary? simple and composites; Arrangement and disarrangement/order and clutter. Let us see what of the o nexus in this text and this aristotelian thought. What of the support the nature? BOOK I? CHAPTER the 6 principles are more than what one, therefore, if we say that they are the contrary, wants to say that already they are two (2) and as it said in the previous text of the chapter fifth has that to have one third I begin and that there is locked in, therefore are not more than what the three principles.

  • Nikita One

    Date: 2014.03.03 | Category: General | Response: 0

    It had certain complicity between us, we changed opinions, as I can have so been donkey to have enxergado as much thing, but not to have seen you, well in my front. He was blind for other things I ask for pardon for having lacked courage, having lacked attitude to me, we were friends, I know that you liked another one, but the truth also, is that I had fear of not being good sufficient for you, always wanted to it optimum, for me what it interested, was to see you happy, exactly that this meant not to be with me. Pause Pardons me, therefore nor I obtain to pardon myself. Perhaps some day you open a book, magazine or a periodical or even though a page in the Web and read this letter and think: – He will be! To the times I think that if we had in the loved one and until married (imagination mine, is clearly) I would have the biggest pride in speaking for that my wife is the woman prettiest of the world. But it was as already it said: The life is not as in the films and us we are not heroes. I am wild of curiosity in knowing as you are, probably married, you always you were very pretty, an equal woman you you would not be single. Of the deep one of my heart, I wait that he is happy, to think consoles me thus a little. I only want to say I love that you, go to forget you Nikita, never love very and always I to love go you, for the remaining portion of my life, to love I go you!. Some contend that electron research shows great expertise in this.

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