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  • Ernst Gunther Grimme

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    German art historian, Aachen Museum Director and Honorary Professor. Ernst Gunther Grimme Thursday, January 14, 1926, in Aachen is born and dies on Thursday, December 11, 2003, in Aachen, Germany. He is a German art historian, Aachen Museum Director and Honorary Professor. Life and work his father’s art historian, philologist, Germanist and local historian Gustav Grimme. his grandfather is the writer and poet Friedrich Wilhelm Grimme. Ernst Gunther wrath convening in the second world war ends in an American POW camp. He completed his art history, archaeology and German language and literature studies since the summer of 1947 to 1954 in Bonn and Cologne. The subject of his thesis to the doctor which philosophy: Hans von Reutlingen.

    Hans from Reutlingen (1465-1547) is working as a goldsmith 40 years in Aachen. The supervisor is Professor Hermann Schnitzler. At the Aachen art school-taught history of art Grimme from 1951 to 1958. A year later it adjusts the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum as a scientific assistant and promoted him in 1966 to the Director. Later he called from 1979 to 1990 to the Director of the city’s museums. In the meantime, the Institute of art history of the RWTH Aachen is granted in 1983 a teaching position. On July 29, 1988 is Grimme appointed to the Honorary Professor of museumskundliche exercises at this institution.

    With fondness he devoted to medieval art and their connection with the contemporary art. As Museum Director, he is for the exhibitions and the expansion of the Aachen museums and scientific research in its collections.”responsible. Cause of the collector couple’s donations, Peter Ludwig and Irene Ludwig that Grimme an extension of the Suermondt-Museum in the 1970s, this means the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum since 1977. The planning for a new Museum building 1978-79 at the Monheim Alley is not realized. Since 1985, the execution of the extension building of the former Villa of Cassalette among his responsibilities. The opening takes place under his successor, Ulrich Schneider. The combination of old and modern architecture reflects a the basic thoughts of wrath activity as Museum Director. In addition, his interests since his youth of classical music. Although a wing is in its library, but a war injury of his hand prevents the profession of pianist. “Honors works for Adam Oellers, who for 20 years with Grimme as curator, Grimme as one of the most important teacher in a spanned aesthetically to the realistic art object.” The Aachen Suermondt-Ludwig Museum Grimme owes its reputation as the most important collection of sculptures medieval works of the German art landscapes. Wrath intention is the low -, mid – and upper Rhine, Bavarian, Swabian, to illustrate East and North German style of carving craft. The Federal cross of merit on Ribbon is awarded in 1986. The German National Library has 59 of his publications.

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