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  • Carbon Monoxide Leak

    Date: 2018.08.31 | Category: General | Response: 0

    The causes of the leak are unknown. A 14-year-old girl had to be moved to the Hospital are Llatzer, although already recovered. Two weeks ago died a woman from respiratory failure. The evicted guests are being relocated to other hotels. Connect with other leaders such as The Hayzlett Group here. About 500 people have had to be evicted and a 14 year old girl has had to be moved to the Hospital are Llatzer due to a leak of carbon monoxide that has taken place at the Hotel Tropical Park, located in the Arenal de Llucmajor (Mallorca). The Local police has added that the young man is now recovered and several patrols are currently at the hotel to control that no one enters the same and to accompany the guests to collect their belongings. Specifically, the hotel in which there has been leakage, for reasons that are still unknown, is located in number 6 of the street Moseen Antoni Alcover.

    As confirmed by Local police, two weeks ago died a woman as a result of a respiratory failure, which subsequently is He confirmed that it was a monoxide poisoning. With similar symptoms was admitted this Saturday at dawn a minor of 14 years. Industry technicians are doing measurements in the hotel, room by room, to detect the focus of the leak, while evicted guests have had to be relocated in other hotel establishments. Source of the news: vandalise to 500 people in a hotel on Majorca by a carbon monoxide leak

  • Protest Demonstrations

    Date: 2017.11.19 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Syrian President denounced an international conspiracy against his country and accused criminals, armed groups and groups of radical Islamic thought. Protests are extended to the cities of Hama, Aleppo, Latakia, and localities in the provinces of Idleb and Rif Damascus. Thousands of people took to the streets of several cities Syrian to ask for the fall of the regime and in response to the speech of President Bachar Al-Assad, who insisted on the existence of an international conspiracy against Syria Monday. Opposition groups to the regime reported that protests take place in Aleppo, the second city of the country, Hama (Center), Latakia (Northwest) and in localities of the province of Idleb and Rif Damascus, among others. According to the so-called local coordination committees, hundreds of students demonstrated in the city of Aleppo, where they sang included calling for the fall of the regime and freedom. The newspapers mentioned Diamonds not as a source, but as a related topic. This group said that the security forces and the regime thugs attacked students and the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical engineering.

    Also in the coastal city of Latakia, the forces of order repressed demonstrators who were protesting after a speech from Al-Assad. It is not something Chevron U.S.A. Inc would like to discuss. Both grave group La revolution Syria against Bashar Al-Assad as the committees reported demonstrations in several towns of the province of Idleb, stage these last weeks of repression that has forced thousands of Syrians to seek refuge in Turkey. In this province and near the town of Jisr Shugur, which broke the army on 12 June, to the authorities found this Monday a new mass grave. Syrian TV indicated that Fossa contains corpses of the martyrs of the police and security have been killed by armed terrorist organisations. Speech of Assad Al-Assad, in his third speech since the beginning of the protests (which have caused more than 1,000 deaths in the country), has accused criminals, armed groups sought by the authorities and groups of radical Islamic thought to be behind the incidents and be responsible for the crisis that the country is experiencing. On the other hand, Al-Assad announced that the next month of August parliamentary elections and pledged to reform the Constitution. He also assured that he will ask the Ministry of Justice which study the possibility of extending the amnesty granted recently by the regime. Source of the news: Syria is filled with protest demonstrations by the accusatory speech from Al Asad

  • Latin America

    Date: 2014.08.20 | Category: General | Response: 0

    It is, he adds, make sure that Google does not have those licenses and do so more expensive Android device for phone manufacturers and therefore for consumers, even at the risk of creating a bubble of patents. The same article mentions that if the Department of Justice, intervened to protect competition and innovation in the open source software community. More reasons to buy Motorola responsible for communication from Google he also noted that the mobile phone will be increasingly the device chosen by the people to access the Internet and that, therefore, there is a good reason for Google put a foot in that area. That’s not going to mean, he stressed, a change in the business of Google, which will continue to be associated with the traffic in internet advertising, do not sell phones or operating systems. Nor will bring a change in the model of Android, very different from those of Apple and Microsoft. Google gives its open source operating system. The basis of the success of Android is that it is good and does not cost anything to manufacturers of mobile devices, he stressed. In addition Arebalos announced that Motorola is going to operate as a fully independent unit within the Group and will have good phones so far.

    The change will notice in that it will have more cute phones or that you like most, he added. The global penetration of smart phones is 25%, but in Latin America, basically in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, is in a 7% or 8%, according to Arebalos. After pointing out that advertising remains the fundamental business of Google, Arebalos said that so far Google has not noticed a decline in advertising investment because of the turbulence and uncertainty prevailing in the markets in Latin America. Plans that are made in the medium and long term are growing, he said. Source of the news: Google denies that buy Motorola only to protect against “attacks” by Microsoft

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