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    Date: 2019.04.21 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Jose Silveira de Oliveira? Crowded Military Archdiocese of Brazil Brasilia 19 of March of 2011 – president Dilma Rousseff received in the morning from this Saturday the American president, Barack Obama, in the Palace of Plateaus, with honors of State for the official visit of the leader, who arrived in this morning at the Air base of Brasilia on board the Air Force One airplane. he was direct for the Itamarati for general inspection and verification of our wealth (Daily pay-salt). The President of the United States the all powerful and its family, woman and children were to lunch in the Palace of Dawn, official residence of the president with some governors also invited of Aracaju (If) our BELOVED DEDA and some former-presidents, CHOSEN DEDO: Sarney-Itamar-Fernando Enrique and Lula the great politician and friend I summon of President Americano, it did not want to appear, it preferred to be taking its hidden and Following for the television, this is the face, the remaining portion is colloquy line. You the certain short Squid the life fulls the face to the will. After the lunch President OBAMA, travelled for Rio De Janeiro, disembarking in the Air base of Galeo, was the total chaos, in the Island of the Governor the Road of Galeo was interdicted, for some hours general bottling, catching until the red line. The domingo was different did not only have Silvio Santos and Fausto, had BARACK OBAMA, also making of its left the upside-down city with in such a way soldier of Exercito Polices Federal and Polices to militate, seemed until the invasion of LIBYA. OBAMA and its family had used to advantage the sunday in Rio De Janeiro, with one day of sun, pretty its full beaches and much people in the street waving for its comitiva (of it). Copacabana also turned the chaos, as always living they had not been able to come back toward house with you vary closed streets.

  • DEXTEROUS City Hall

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    Open letter the DEXTEROUS City hall of Caruaru-FOOT/Good afternoon, I would like to know what really the passenger will be made on the company of collective transport BAHIA. a nonsense to travel in a dirty vehicle, old (in the time of manufacture but the lack of he does not leave it to maintenance old), torn armchairs and much more. There he is known that they supply the vehicle with oil diesel and only pass a water without nothing of time in when. Vocs divulges fiscalization, fine, and more, however nothing it happens. Not dumb a new vehicle in nothing the situation of the population that lives in the Boa Vista GARDEN, line garden panorama, Boa Vista 2 and 1, lines of equal names to the one of the quarters. But a vehicle makes the line GARDEN PANORAMA, with intervals of more than one hour, in the line Boa Vista 2 they are 03 vehicles with irregular schedules and overload of work of the operators whom attendance generates plus an item in pssimo. I want to remember the vocs GOVERNMENT that the concession is publishes and exists law and regulation, and that the PEOPLE tires and when this to occur we will enter with civil action publishes against the CITY HALL and the OPERATOR. I only come by means of this to exclamar our indignation. I am thankful if to answer, but that they say flowery truths and words and verbetes to me politicians not to calm the population, it arrives of vocs corporativismo they are there with our vote, they respect our vote and our rights. Rodrigo Barbosa Nephew Popular Movement in favor of the Citizenship and of the Full Rule of law

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    Date: 2015.09.13 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Data of the Secretariat of Public Security indicate that, of January of 1998 the September of 2009, police civilians and military had killed 10,216 people, average of 2,4 died per day, complement the same one substance. Sad ‘ ‘ x-ray of barbrie’ ‘ as Incio sociologist classified well Pipe. Still in accordance with the researcher, this is ‘ ‘ a superior number to the one of many guerras’ ‘. Another data disclosed in the substance for Incio sociologist Pipe were of that ‘ ‘ in the Cabral management, between April and May of 2008, the number of deaths practised for policemen arrived the 147 for month. In 2009, the average of deaths fell in relation to the beginning of the government of the peemedebista (2,9 per day in this year against 3,6 in 2007). Correspendente in the River of the Agency Brazil Vitor Abdala, () published article in 06/11/2009, with the heading ‘ ‘ Numbers of deaths in confrontation with the policy surpass homicides in three regions of the Rio’ ‘ where expe of clear form the situation. In this article, the social scientist and former-colonel of the p.m. Jorge Da Silva, affirm that resistance the high file of legal documents number is resulted of the maintenance of the confrontation politics: ‘ ‘ It is a film that all already we saw.

    Outlaws, policemen, presumptions die outlaws, children and ladies. still has who finds that the way is esse.’ ‘ The former-colonel standes out despite ‘ ‘ they are all victims of mistakes politicians. The policy does not have the capacity to remove causes and factors In the maximum, in the circumstances, it dries gelo’ ‘. As many deaths and so great police violence, validated in a supposed war, had made with that the eyes of the country if came back toward this question that is not specific of Rio De Janeiro, but that it meets aggravated sufficiently in our state. In the intitled substance ‘ ‘ Federal government goes to monitor policy of the Rio’ ‘ published in the Prohibited site, of 05 of April of 2010 (), the Minister of Justice Barreto Luiz, recognizes the problematic one: ‘ ‘ They are scenes of execution that exist, not only in the River, but also in other Brazilian capitals. 21’ is not condizente with the century; ‘ , the minister laments. It signals what me that has new winds in the security politics is that it had sufficiently interesting changes in the chairs of State secretary of Social Assistance and Right Human beings of the River, make possible who me to glimpse that new features can present in the conduction of this public politics in the State of Rio De Janeiro. They are an apparent demonstration of redirecionamento in the line of action of the State, combining public security with social politics in the second stage of the Program of the UPPs. Such acts of the one of to this make me Government to believe that it has an important yaw for an effective commitment with the respect to the Human Rights in its politics of Security. How these new winds in them bring hopes! It remains in to support and to fulfill them to our duty/constitucional law of the social control, fiscalizing, monitoring and charging the execution of one politics security citizen.

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