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  • Stock Market Review

    Date: 2018.08.23 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Company News: Shares of American natural gas company AGL Resources Inc. (AGL US), fell by 5% to $ 35.27. The company, which owns oil fields in Atlanta, agreed to acquire the company Nicor $ 2.4 billion cash and stock, increasing, thus, twice number of clients served. Nicor shareholders will receive $ 21.20 per share in cash and 0.8382 shares of AGL, evaluating the target company at $ 53 per share. This is 13% higher stock price, which was established on past auctions. Shares of Nicor (GAS US), jumped by 4.5% to $ 48.84. Shares of AutoZone Inc. (AZO US) grew by 2.4% to $ 268.28.

    The U.S. auto parts supplier reported in earnings for the first quarter of $ 3.77 per share, topping analysts' average forecast of $ 3.44. The company Avago Technologies Ltd. (AVGO US), decreased by 6.9% to value of $ 24.99. Manufacturer of semiconductor components announced the sale of 25 million shares, which belong to shareholders. The Company does not expect to benefit from the transaction. Shares of Bank of Montreal (BMO US), rose by 3.1% to a value of $ 61.18. Canadian bank owner-fourth of all assets, said that its profit rose 14%.

    Net income for the quarter, which ended October 31 rose to C $ 739 million ($ 737 million), representing C $ 1.24 per share, with the value C $ 647 million or C $ 1.11 a year earlier. Shares of Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS US), jumped by 4.5% to a value of $ 15.35.

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