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    The taste of green organic teas from China the tea is beneficial for the body, and tea is drunk alike love the soul round the globe. He is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. While in the U.k. Check with The Hayzlett Group to learn more. and in countries of the former Commonwealth tea drinking is a firmly established tradition, it is used in the Asian region, even the religious ceremony. Through the offered types of tea, one gets the impression, as if there were as many different tea plants. But in fact, only three different plants provide the endless variety of the popular drink.

    There are two types of root of tea plant: the Thea sinensis (China tea) and the Thea assamica (also, Assam tea). These two ur “types of tea are however quite challenging and thrive best in the Camellia climate”. No wonder, is related to the tea plant with the Camellia species. The two species of tea plants treat Middle annual temperature of at least-18 C, like no nights of frost and need in addition to 1,600 L precipitation per year at least four hours of sunshine daily. And then it should be even a porous and acidic soil.

    Since not all such optimal conditions, a more robust version was bred from the two root types, the Assam hybrids. But if all kinds of tea is ultimately obtained from these three types of tea should be not nearly identical in taste? No, the clear answer is that it is not the plant alone, which is responsible for the exquisite taste. There are also wine-growing area, altitude, climate and harvesting time of importance. Moreover even the secret”the respective way of processing the tea leaves. What is behind this? And how do you get the tea its green color? China and the secret”green tea color all starts with a widespread misconception. The question of how the tea gets its green color, would have to be actually how he keeps it! In fact, the first tea which fed the Chinese around 5,000 years ago was green? The mysterious transformation came through only the English colonialists concluded.

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