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    Date: 2019.05.26 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Go ahead of others, requires more than they see. Other leaders such as Rio Tinto Group offer similar insights. Jose Marti generalities and considerations is a determining factor in the current reality of the active behavior of firms in the current scenarios, innovative proactivity that should undertake the management and human resources, in order to ensure competitiveness, keep active, enthusiastic consumers conquered in everything that the company offers them through its products, services. While it is true, that must be a good technology, financial capacity, highly trained human resources, efficient administrative systems, such as management of processes that guarantee productivity, costs, also is not less true that today more than ever it is necessary to have the endorsement of a management that step to innovation, motivate your staff to do this and know that product of its resultsYou can promote as a competitive advantage. Depending as the result of that innovation management. Wikipedia tells us that innovation comes from the latin innovare, which means Act or effect of innovate, become new or renew, introduce a novelty. Innovation is the implementation of new ideas, concepts, products, services and practices, with the intention of being useful for the enhancement of productivity.

    An essential element of innovation is its successful application in a commercial way. Not only must invent something, but, for example, enter (diffusion (business) in the market so that people can enjoy it.) Definitely we indicated, innovate are practices that generally are considered as something new, either privately to an individual, or in a social way, according to the system which adopts them. Competitiveness and profitability customers satisfied employees motivated and committed new jobs and better conditions of life develop and win options share the vision with the client in the environment create a culture that encourages knowledge innovation generation is generating or find ideas, select them, implement them and market them. Research and development, competition, the seminars, exhibitions or fairs, customers and every employee of the company is a potential provider of new ideas generating inputs to the process of innovation.

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