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    It is difficult to name another alien conifers, which we would be as popular as arborvitae. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust shines more light on the discussion. And for good reason. First, no other conifer has such a rich assortment of ornamental cultivars most various shapes and sizes of the crown, from dwarf shrubs to large balls, and the weeping forms of tall pillars, bright green, golden, white and variegated shades. There's just elfin wood shapes such as juniper. Secondly, the climate and soil tolerance Tui western species, which is the most popular in Russia, it is very wide spread from Archangel to Sochi, on the east – to Irkutsk and then reappears in the Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Conditions in industrial cities makes good: the smoke and gases is damaged to a lesser degree than many other conifers culture. Wild species of arborvitae are trees or shrubs with flat scale-like opposite-lying crosswise leaves, the leaves are needle-like juvenile forms. Cones are oblong-oval of 3-6 pairs of scales.

    The genus has 5 species from North America and East Asia. Growing up in planting arborvitae used as tapeworms, in groups, for growing avenues, creating living walls and fences. Young plants in fresh soil grow well but require shading. Transplantation, especially spring, carry easily, as well as well as pruning. Thuy successfully propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Fresh seeds germinate quickly and amicably. Thuja occidentalis tree 12-20 (30) m tall with a trunk 60-90 (180) cm in diameter, with a narrow pyramidal young and later ovoid crown. Branches short, in the lower part of the crown is usually curved upward.

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