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  • Constellation Ayxta

    Date: 2019.03.19 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Vertu Ayxta In late 2009, and to be more precise, in the month of November, sales will go to the phone company’s new models from Vertu – Ayxta. Vertu company once again did not disappoint and proved that is not going to dwell on one spot and new phones came out in a completely new for her form-factor “clamshell”, which is quite a tangible step forward. The new model phone Vertu – Ayxta design is very similar to everyone’s favorite Constellation and belongs to its lineup. Similarities between these two phones is hard not to notice, take at least a location on the keyboard buttons. Moreover, at the front of the new model Ayxta, as well as on the Constellation’s hard not to notice the holes, which resembles a lattice in the turbine aircraft. Although the new model Ayxta – all the same “clamshell” and this is its essential difference. A replica of this model Vertu Ayxta saw the light in early 2010, and, of course, it’s made in the best tradition of elite producers for fake phones. A lot of people asked themselves the question: “Will there be a copy Vertu Ayxta so high quality that meet the high standards of personal needs?” After folding, in contrast to candy bar, at the expense of moving parts is much less reliable. But for the first time picking up a copy of this elite, you know the answer to this question: “Metal clamshell!” And it absolutely says it all! In her case there is simply no no plastic parts, even mounted to the chassis and then flip is made of steel.

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