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  • Cleaning Makes Happy! Cleaning Is A Cult!

    Date: 2016.12.14 | Category: General | Response: 0

    From the makers of the new PutzKULT community are safe cleaning makes happy. Cleaning is a cult. Makers of, Cornelia believe Frey and Bernd Kohnle Christian Roether. As an advertising agency bzweic from Kirchheim unter Teck one has engaged in long through customer projects and discussions among themselves the subject of ecological cleaning. Focuses on freshly prepared go now with the PutzKULT project to the public and is open from now everyone interested. PutzKULT”or the discovery of happiness” clean Windows, scrub the bathroom, wipe dust, clean car, street sweep, floor wipe or bicycle clean up the brushing and cleaning is one of the first sight for most people the unpleasant, but unfortunately unavoidable obligations. Upon closer inspection, the maintenance of the favorite items or of your own home, but gives a deep, sustained sense of satisfaction.

    Because secondary structures provide for clarity and unlock new potential. This Change of perspective from the load to the pleasure is the Foundation of the Internet platform PutzKULT, a newly established shipping trade for cleaning products and cleaning equipment, which carries over 500 different, mostly organic products. Ecological cleaning is fully in line with the trend: smudged window, dirty floors, red wine or coffee stains on the shirt, children’s hands on the leather couch dirt and grime met throughout the day. To remove it, there are long tried and tested cleaning agents and cleaning tips from our own community. Because more and more people want sake renounce yourself and the environment to the chemical mace, but nonetheless keep their environment clean. By the same author: Montauk Colony LLC. This is the solution approach, taking in the Swabian Kirchheim unter Teck and in the new online shop for cleaning products, cleaning equipment introduces the interested visitors for all areas of life. Who wants to waive aggressive, polluting detergents so fond, friendly, sustainable and functional alternatives like about the practical Online concerns and wants to bring the inner plaster ring with the help of friendly, informative community momentum at the same time, which is definitely in the right place at.

    Makes brushing fun? In any case! Because with the squeaky green flowers brushes, the brush in the flower design, the hydropower driven Street broom or the hip classical, Swabian combination of Cutter blade and Sweeper wipe. At PutzKULT, the new online shop with more than 500, mostly organic cleaning products and iconic cleaning devices, everyone finds something really. Thus the laborious cleaning is fun. Whether maintain car, motorcycle, floor scrubbers or for the removal of stains, splashes of red wine, Eddingstrichen on the wooden floor, salt margins of shoes and limescale deposits on the bathroom faucets. And so the many tips, tricks and gimmicks around the theme of brushing even more extensively with like-minded people can be replaced, there is the PutzKULT community. Here all users with your questions to PutzKULT and other users can contact. So no one is with its problems alone and get virtually firsthand proven cleaning tips from experienced cleaners, the possibility for exchanging communicative plaster in the community and lots of cleaning plans, cleaning coupons and invitations to the plaster parties. True to the motto: I came, saw and brush meet at PutzKULT of plaster freaks, experts of living room cleaning, professionals in the floor clean, author agreement fetishists all, who like to clean, clean and wienern.

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