• Demonstration

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    A clear demonstration of just how cruel, brutal, spoiled and abusive, can be an interviewer on a television program, was what Jaime Bayly gave last night on his show El Franco Tirador. It is recommended that for the next time Jaime says quite clear to the person who invites the interview, is what will you ask, not to allow what happened last night. The former Minister of Justice Aurelio Pastor, was last night his interviewee. Boot asked the question that Aurelio suddenly knew he would, but later the thing would be more direct: do you still wondering that pardon Jose Enrique Crousillat, was a success, or have you changed your mind and you have repented and you think that it was a mistake? It was hoped that the former Minister had to answer him repeatedly with evasive answers. Rio- Tinto Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. Another thing could not be expected. To broaden your perception, visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. He replied: look I think that it is too early to think that Jaime told him that he considered that it was a mistake, and that public opinion said the same thing. Jaime: do you recommended the? pardon? Aurelio: not the Ministers recommended the pardons. Pardons are recommended by a Commission of the Ministry of Justice Jaime pardons: but the Commission gave an opinion to you, and your you took Alan Aurelio: that is the pending Jaime: but you were Aurelio with pardon of the Commission recommendation: more beyond that I could be agree or notThis was not relevant if it is true that Aurelio Pastor, he tried to show the most calm and serene in these circumstances, I had, if I wanted the (because it was their authority) answer this question.

    Then in that moment Jaime began to show surly, spoiled and hurtful with your interviewee and told him: No more beyond no, more here. Alan you must have asked. Me not fences more than when we are nearer Aurelio told him that it was not incumbent Alan asked him his opinion.